Tcher (tchernobyl) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

Hadn't seen this posted before, so i shall...
Wowhead now has the stats for all the tier 6 sets.
Interestingly enough, from a warrior standpoint.. t6 tank gear has /no/ blue gem sockets. Not one. Plenty of sta, yes (ranging from 42 to a top of 72 on some pieces) and even socket bonuses of sta, but nothing to combine a blue gem into it. Boo, hiss imo :P
DPS gear... has no hit, or crit rating. None. Plenty of agi to make up for said crit rating... and, interestingly enough, all pieces have an equip bonus that "ignores your target's armor".. about 400ish in total i believe (haven't checked). Interesting to see how that works out for dps.. sundered mob + ignoring another 400 :)
We all know of the netherdrake mounts, but apparently there are plenty of colors too.... I'd go for onyx one, myself :) if only i had about, oh, 4400 more G >.>
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