The Straightlaced Bohemian (myrch ) wrote in worldofwarcraft ,

Experiment with moonkin

Short story: I decided to level to 70 my first WoW char, a balance-spec'd druid, which had become something of a bank for my other characters. I did this to level mining and jewelcrafting, but oh... something funny happened on the way to the forum.

Players were unaware that the most powerful class in the game would be the least played.

While moonkin still pose something of a tantalizing juicy morsel in PvP, in PvE I have been finishing on top of damage meters the last seven instances I've run, and in some cases it wasn't even close. I've gone up against superiorly-geared hunters, rogues, mages, and warlocks. Despite the ongoing oomkin joke, mana is not a problem if the fights are 5 minutes long or less, i.e., not raids. Under *those* circumstances, moonkin need to bring lots of pots to the party as their innervate will probably go to a resto druid or priest. That said, moonkin do want to stock up on mp5 gear and gems.

With relatively crappy gear, I have +650 spell damage (with self buffs) and about a 25% chance to crit. My starfires routinely crit for over 3,000 and my wraths are nearing 2,000 -- that's a 1.0 - 1.5 second cast, by the way. It's sick.

The point of this post is merely to make comm members aware (if they weren't already) that moonkin have quietly become one of the top DPS -- if not the top DPS -- class builds in the game. Respect!

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