Die Waffen - legt an! (glenngunnerzero) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

LFG (A) VS (H)


All within a minute

[Rogue] LFG Shattered Halls
[Warrior] LF2M Slabs need Healer
[lvl 5 NE hunter] WTS (stuff)
[64 Priest] LF1M Crypts DPS
[Hunter] LFG SV
[Guildmate of Hunter] HEY (Hunter's name)
[Priest] LF1M Mech Warr
[lvl 1 NE rogue] (some topic)
[5 people at once] (complaining about topic)
[lvl 8 something or another] OMG REPORTED!
[Druid] LF Healer Heroic underbog


[5. Lookingforgroup] [lvl 25 pally] LFM SFK

3 minutes later

[5. Lookingforgroup [same lvl 25 pally] LFM SFK


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