ippy (ippylovesyou) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

Real Life vs. Internet: Friendships

So I'm just curious, consider this somewhat of a poll;

What is your take on friendships on the internet vs real life? Specifically in World of Warcraft.

Is it negative to consider the people you know only online or through the game to be nearly as good as your real life friends?

Is it unfairly considered unnatural to form those bonds with people?

Theres two different sides to this that I know of; real life is superior and more meaningful then online fake relationships because you interact with the person in real life and understand their personality or friendships over the internet can be just as meaningful as real life ones, after all you spend most of your time talking that you can get a feel for their personality and morales and such.

My point of view;
Real life relationships are IMPORTANT. You need people around you to survive better in life, I believe that completely. I also feel that online friendships can be just as indepth, rewarding and good as those you build IRL. Theres arguments that the internet is dangerous, you can never tell if the person you're talking to is actually nice or out to get you, but I feel once you spend enough time on the net it becomes easy to distinguish personalities and whether or not a person's intentions are negative or positive. I honestly feel you take the same amount of risk when you go out each day. You can hang out with a person nearly every day IRL and they can turn out to be bad people just as people on the net, its all up in the air.

This is my view, and now I turn it over to all of you.
What do you think?
Can internet friendships be just as meaningful as real life ones? Do you think you can adequately get as good as a feel for someone's personality after talking to them for extended periods (and in our benefit, playing the game gives us a whole nother realm of being able to understand a person, how they react in situations, how they play..) or do you think its a waste of time and people on the net shouldn't have any sort of importance?

Lets get some input people :) I'm curious.
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