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Men, Women, and Warcraft

This is something I've been curious about for a while and I figure this would be a great place to get some statistics. The question is, Ladies and Gentlemen, when you log onto WoW do you play as a male or female? If you play several characters, which do you play more?

Poll #1060620 Men, Women, and Warcraft

When you play WoW, what sex do you play as?

I'm a male and I play as a female.
I'm a male and I play as a male.
I'm a female and I play as a male.
I'm a female and I play as a female.

I'm really curious about the results. I'm a woman and my main is a female human mage and I'm always a little surprised when people will address me as if I were a man, i.e., in battle seeing "protect him!" or "wait until he gets here" in reference to my female character. Really, guys, are you still that surprised to find that girls enjoy gaming? Personally, I much prefer playing female characters because it’s much easier for me to feel connected to them.

Likewise however, I have one male friend who always plays as a female and when I asked him way he basically said, "when you commit to a game you're going to be staring at someone's ass for hours and hours. Might as well be a good one." ;)

So what do you all think?

Those of you who play as the opposite sex, what are your reasons?
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