ippy (ippylovesyou) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

Explain your WoW Name

I saw a thread like this on the General Forums, and the idea is really cool. So I thought I'd ask here :) Hopefully its not a repeat, my memory is spotty.

Explain the names of your characters! Your inspiration behind them, whether or not you still like it, etc! I'm curious to see how people come up with their names. Include their race and class as well please :)

As for me:
Multipass (BE Paladin): Leeloo dallas multipass.
Dystopia (Orc Lock): Inspiration highly from Dystopian literature, I've been trying to figure out a name similar to those ideals. It finally clicked together after playing Bioshock a bit.
Eventuality (Undead Rogue): Original inspiration from the title of the shortstory by Stephen King Everything's Eventual. I somehow thought to tack on the ity to it.
Gracefully (Tauren Druid): Uh... its pretty straightforward. I think druids are pretty graceful when they shape shift.
Maggotsyay (Nightelf Priest): Because MAGGOTS R YAY.

Okay, name yours! Your inspirations! WHy you like them! go go go
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