Lane (lane) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

How are your heroic PUGs?

Ours are awful. :D It almost seems like the people who argued against heroic keys at honored were right, although I still don't believe running the same dungeon dozens of times is going to make you skilled/geared for other heroics. Regardless!

The past two days my boyfriend's been trying to take advantage of the heroic daily quests. Unfortunately, this has resulted in groups comprised of players in no epics, mediocre blues, and some greens. Last night I believe his heroic Mana Tombs took ~4 hours, involved multiple wipes, and a couple of replacements due to people bailing. Needless to say, it's made him wish that you didn't get saved to a heroic dungeon so if your group isn't competent you can just find another. All in all, the 25g & 2 badges weren't really worth it when it took over 4 hours and 13g in repairs. :(

He managed to PUG a ZA group as well, which wasn't much better. Healers in blues and greens not able to keep up with the amount of damage the epic geared tanks were taking. I suppose that one you can write off as a curiosity run, but in combination with the heroics it's made us wonder if people are really that naive as to how much of an impact their sub-par gear has on their performance. At any rate, he says he's going to start Armory'ing players before joining their groups now. :P

How's it going for ya'll?
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