Rufus Honker IV (rufushonkeriv) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Rufus Honker IV

They grow up so fast....

My mother and stepfather (both in their 60's agewise, 40's toonwise), asked me to take them into Zul'Farrak last night.  I was antsy about doing it, but I've been busy in Outland and wanted to give them a chance.  Last time I had run with them was Deadmines with a level-appropriate toon, and my Stepfather inadvetently did a Leeroy Jenkins impersonation repeatedly, and paying absolutely no attention to the chat window.

This time it was just the three of us: my Stepfather's Pally (44) and my Mother's Priest (newly-dinged 40).  I took my 70 Warlock, using my Voidwalker as a tank.  

We cleared to and beat Gahz'rilla before stopping for the night.  I'm soooo proud.  They did great - followed the "lucky charms" and stayed back when asked to.  We even had seven+ adds at once in a bad pull, and my mother's priest went down.  Even though I was draining life like mad it wasn't quite enough and I was about to die - when all of a sudden I got a heal out of nowhere and to my shock, my Stepfather's Pally was still alive - and had enough mana and time to think to toss a little heal on.  We survived!

I'm happy.
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