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PvE Based 5v5...

To those that don't know what I'm refering to, it's the Priestess Delrissa encounter in the Magisters' Terrace.

Last night in our encounter with her, her adds consisted of a Naga (Arms Warrior), a Rogue, a Saytr (Hunter), and a Gan'gar (Goblin Engineer).

Long story short, can you say: "Hamstring, plus Mortal Strike, plus Crippling Poison, plus Wingclip, plus Explosions."

We tried to CC via Mage's polymorph, but something kept breaking the polymorph early and we were all away from the polymorphed target.

For future reference ► Are there any battle strategies one can use against Priestess Delrissa and her four random adds? We've read up on the notes on wowwiki, but it couldn't hurt to ask for more notes/suggestions, right?

On an semi-related note, I wish my Explosive Sheep could scale with level like the Gan'gar's explosive sheep.

And on an unrelated note, as I was looking my trinkets and noticed something different about my Arcanite Dragonling. I went into my Engineering window and checked the other two mechanical dragonlings and the change effected them as well. I'd like to point out an undocumented change:


Though situational only, I might actually use my Arcanite Dragonling more often.

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