freelancer_bob (freelancer_bob) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

entertaining shoulderpads

"I know WoW's art style has its detractors. But not me. I'm a huge fan of it. At level 20, I had some rough iron shoulderpads. At 40, I had shiny metal ones. At 60, they shimmered a blue color slightly. At 70, I expect there will be glowing crystals swirling around them. At 80 they might play Boyz II Men's greatest hits whenever I land a crit. I don't care how outlandish it gets - in pretty much any other MMORPG, the difference between the lowest-level items and the highest-level items is negligible."

Aletto, of lightning hoof US

from a thread about comparing WOW and AOC's  art styles.

Perhaps we could discuss this, and post images of our favourite shoulders.

I'm reliably informed that we haven't yet seen how big the designers can get the shoulderpads:D
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