Darthkurai (darthkurai) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

The woes of a gnome mage in Undercity

Yesterday I had the brilliant realization that doing all of the bonfire quests at a low level give a ridiculously high amount of experience. In fact, at level 40, something like 2500XP for the same-faction ones, and 4500XP for the opposing-faction ones. Having already done enough of these to get Brazier of Dancing Flames on my Warlock with nearly 200 blossoms to spare, and being more than half-way there on my hunter, the idea came to my mind that I should do these on my Gnome mage. Getting the Flame of the Undercity was easy enough in my care bear server, so I decided to go for that on my wee mage. Well, I managed to get it with no incident (our Horde seem to not really give a hoot), and quickly I right-clicked the item to get the quest. Much to my chagrin, I discovered that this quest is only obtainable at level 50. After much /woe and /crying, I finally just went to get every flame I was able and not too lazy to get (i.e. not the Raventusk one, damn it's out of the way).

I might have trekked to UC for no good reason, but I did manage to get enough XP for two full levels, and I'm now 42, just a bit closer to my 5th 70.
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