Volodymyr Alexander (atomic645) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Volodymyr Alexander

YASD Death Derby

My guild (YASD) organized a Death Derby the other day. Basically what the entails is 15 of us met in heroic Obsidian Sanctum, mounted up, and did as many laps around the place, without dying! Last man standing wins, all to the tune of death metal! A rocking good time was had by all, so here is our video!

(I had the cheapy version of fraps, so you only get a little nibble of the race, none of the epic deaths, thus it being called a trailer. Since it was so successful, we're deffinitely planning on doing it again)


Fyi, the record was about 4 laps! Winners got 100g each

First round was probably the best, cause the pallys stayed up for a while, so we had pretty much the entire dungeon, short of the middle boss, chasing us (and lagging pretty far behind)

Second round was the painful one, since we aggroed EVERYTHING instantly, so it was down to the pally who's corpse made it past the finish line

Third round, someone tried to take a shortcut around the inside track (it's allowed) which also aggroed the main boss. I think we got like 2 more laps before we eventually died. lol
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