Adam (spartonian) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

Old Content Shenanigans

On Saturday night, our guild and a few others decided to raid some old content. Now, generally, you raid old content either just to see it or for achievements. However, when it's Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau, there are actually upgrades (trinkets) to be had from the last couple fights in each instance.

We kill Illidari Council, and Madness of the Betrayer drops, followed by non-clothy nerd screams. Whether this is an upgrade from the Meteorite Weightstone is somewhat debatable, but as a DW'ing DK (until 3.1 anyway), more hit can't hurt. Some extra AP is always nice too. It goes up for rolls... FFS, it was like a rare mount dropped. Every not-Priest/Warlock/Mage in the raid rolled on it. I thought I was in good shape with a 75... then I see the rest of the rolls, and my soul was crushed. *sniff*

No glaives (ha ha, silly Warriors and Rogues). I think Momento of Tyrande dropped though... healer nerd screams followed.

We get to M'uru. Christ, that fight became a joke. CC the adds? Der, what? ZERG FEST! No Blackened Naaru Sliver, but whatever the healer one is dropped (more healer nerd screams), and a bunch of other crap. Also, it should be noted that no matter how big the HUGE FRICKIN' void zone on that fight is, someone will whine about getting gibbed from lagging out or not seeing it(HUH?!).

We also zerged down Kil'jaedan before he did his AoE o'Doom. No Thori'dal.

Two achievements I thought I'd never get on my DK.
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