Alan (waya3k) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

PUGable Content

One raiding guild I am in evaporated and the other I sometimes get in a raid and sometimes I don't.

I read a comment on here earlier about all content basically being easy and therefore PUGable. What are your feeling on PUGing Naxx, Uldua, OS, Malygos, etc? I want to do these higher end instances, but have always ignored people asking for members PUGing these raids after my first attempt at PUGing Naxx 25 of waiting for 3 hours to finally get it filled only to have our raid wipe twice on the first trash pull.

Was my bad experiencing at PUGing Naxx 25 an abnormality or for those of you who do PUG these instances? Also what about loot? In a guild raid I am pretty sure that nothing bad is going to happen.

So PUGing high end content...good or bad?

Also if you are on the Horde Exodar server and need a Resto/Enh Shaman or a BM/Surv Hunter...
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