Хозяйка медной горы (kniazhna) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Хозяйка медной горы

Latency issues

Hi! Is this community even alive anymore? I'm having some weird latency issues, wondering if anyone can shed some light.

I've recently gotten a new computer: custom built for WoW as my old one had its issues with the game. Everything's been going well, except the past few days the latency on it has gone through the roof. It averages anywhere between 2-4k ms, but today it hit as high as 13k ms. Really not fun playing that slow. Plus, I occasionally see messages of being disconnected from battle.net and connected back to it. I asked guildmates: nobody has the issue. I hop on my old machine sitting right next to it, and the latency is just a few dozen ms: unnoticeable, except for whatever issues it has with the game aside from it. No disconnects whatsoever, just low framerate, but this is one of the issues I've had on it.

What might it be? I'd think it's the machine, but it was rolling smooth before, plus this battle.net dc is making me question if it is the machine after all. Then again, the old machine doesn't have the problem, nor do I get dc'd from battle.net there. We tested the network connection, and both machines check out fine.

Tags: game performance issues, system - pc
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