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Dungeon étiquette

11 Oct 2013
Quest giver: bluesman in worldofwarcraft
I am back with another question, regarding dungeon ("instance"?) etiquette. Any feedback will be gratefully accepted.

So, I have a hunter (with a wolf to tank for him) and he is at level forty four or thereabouts. I've got him there purely through questing. I don't bother with banks or auctions. I thought, this morning, "just a mo, I've never been in a dungeon," so I signed up, and soon found myself in one.

I was merrily fighting along with my team mates, and someone made a comment about how they hate hunters. I didn't know what to think, and looked at the scrolling text at bottom left, but there were two panels open at the same time (what's up with that?) and it was all indecipherable. Also, in the heat of battle and trying to keep up with everyone else, I wasn't going to stand there and try to fiddle with it.

When the instance ended and I got out, I managed to read the text, and it seems that there is something called "growl" and that I should have switched it off. I can certainly do that next time, if I was hindering other players in the dungeon. To be honest, I've no idea what most of the icons at the bottom of my screen do. In fact, they seem to do nothing whatsoever, and in the middle of being bashed about by an ogre when questing, I'm not going to click at random. I did that once and my wolf went and sat down to watch me get bashed...

So, does leaving the growl activated mean that I hog the enemy to myself? One of the players told me I looked "stupid" reviving the wolf after every fight. Well, if the little bugger died in there, what else would I do? I at least know not to claim a prize if I don't need it and someone else might, and there were so many enemies in the dungeon that I doubt I was hogging any (they were overrunning us, so there were plenty for everyone else). So, was this person just being a butthead?

Could any of you please tell me what I should and should not do in there? It's supposed to be fun for everyone, and I don't want to spoil it for them and possibly get a bad reputation.
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Lothar Horde Guild needs OT

19 Sep 2013
Quest giver: ear_envy in worldofwarcraft
El Toro Loco is known for it's casual nature but a few us have decided that we want to progress. So far things seems to be a revolving door. A few people had to leave because of unfortunate real life problems, and we need more people. We need a dedicated off tank and one dps. Hunter, rogue or druid preferred. We'd prefer a bear, monk, DK or warrior tank. If you apply please be able to raid and show up on time. We are also looking for backups as it seems our team is currently cursed. Please send a tell to Lovegood or Dethwolf in game. My GM even said he'd reimburse a xfer if the individual was capable and willing to stick around. we are a fun laid back group but we get stuff done. I promise you will not regret it!

x posted

Appalling rudery!

14 Sep 2013
Quest giver: bluesman in worldofwarcraft
Thank you, my dears, for answering my previous question, and yes, I am relatively new to WoW, so here is another question.

Is it frowned upon, and even opprobrious, for another player to muscle in on your quest? For instance, you are required to kill ten orcs, and every time you approach one and right-click it to attack, some git with the same quest zips in and wipes it out in a flash. If you tell him/her to butt out, they say they won't.

So is this an accepted aspect of playing WoW? I will only intervene in someone's fight if I see that they are being overpowered, and then only enough to help a bit rather than be entitled to any loot. And sometimes, another player will bless me with stamina that lasts for 30 mins or restores my health in the middle of a fight. People like this are a blessing.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Server closing down

12 Sep 2013
Quest giver: bluesman in worldofwarcraft
Is it just me, or is WoW shutting down its servers a bit too bloody often lately? I'm talking about at least once every day. Why am I giving them my money? And now they are asking me to choose a realm when I log in. I did that when I first signed up!

Anyone else out there having the same problems?
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Okay, let's see who still sees posts on this community.

4 Sep 2013
Quest giver: rufushonkeriv in worldofwarcraft
How long has it been since you played WoW?  I haven't since January, myself (and that was after a long break, too!), and I was a heavy poster here back in the day.  This is your chance (if you haven't been playing but are still in this community), to say how long it has been.  Doesn't matter if you now hate WoW or love it but don't play, give the poll a shot.

Poll #1932400
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 159

Do you still play World of Warcraft?

View Answers
89 (56.3%)
I have an active account but haven't played for a while
15 (9.5%)
No, but I have played in 2013.
32 (20.3%)
No, I haven't played since before Mists of Panderia came out (2012)
18 (11.4%)
No, I haven't played since before the Cataclysm (2010)
1 (0.6%)
No, I haven't played since before Wrath of the Lich King (2008)
1 (0.6%)
No, I haven't played since before the Burning Crusade (2007)
0 (0.0%)
No, I haven't played since Vanilla WoW
2 (1.3%)
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Raiding Etiquette

2 Sep 2013
Quest giver: spartonian in worldofwarcraft
I know the WoW LJ audience is much smaller than when I was regularly raiding, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post some friendly reminders about the expectations of raiders in a raiding guild.

Addons: Inventory, Mage Table

25 Jul 2013
Quest giver: kikumaru_eijiku in worldofwarcraft
I'm farming cloth.  I'd like to see if there's an addon that will display how many I have. I have Bagnon, so if I hover over an item in my inventory, it show how many I have. I'd like one that doesn't need me to open my bags.  Just something that sits on the screen and displays a number, or something to that effect.

My mage just hit 72 and I have access to the Table now.  Is there an addon that will notify me each time I join a dungeon/party to place the table down? Sort of like how recount bitches at you to reset the data everytime the party changes.

Thank you  =)
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15 Jul 2013
Quest giver: cager79 in worldofwarcraft
Has anyone used SimulationCraft? I downloaded it because I was curious to see where my DPS should be for my gear level, and as I went through it it wanted me to log in to the armory via a built in browser. I know SimulationCraft is a well known name, so is it safe for me to login to the armory through their program?
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WoW Drinking Game!

20 Jun 2013
Quest giver: kikumaru_eijiku in worldofwarcraft
So my friends and I are drinking on Friday.  We're gonna run through old content for S&Gs, but we want to add a game to it.  Like King's Cup, if you've heard of it.  So a few rules:

1) Die to a boss, take a shot
2) Die to trash mobs, take two shots
3) Roll need and get your item, take a shot (you gotta pay for your item with your soberness (is that a word?))
4) Pass on loot, take a shot (like them stupid Illidari Marks from Black Temple)
5) Deal lowest dps, take a shot
6) Pop a skill that will be randomly decided, take a shot
7) At the end of the dungeon, whoever won the most 'Greed' rolls gets to hand out a shot
8) Pick up the most random item (food, cloth, Broken Claw, etc) gets to hand out a shot
9) However long you've been feared for is how long you gotta drink
10) Whoever won rule 7 in the last dungeon gets party leader.  They get to do a ready check whenever they want.  Whoever is the last to click 'ready' has to take a shot
11) Whenever we hear a boss say 'run away, little girl, run away' and repeats it after gets to hand out a shot (inside joke)

We're running out of ideas!  So I've decided to ask all of you for your help. As of right now, we have (all 90s) a shadow/holy priest, a ele shaman, feral druid, and a bm monk.  The druid is sitting at 464, priest 476, and both the shaman and monk are closer to 500 (so their damage output kills the other two, especially the shaman who almost always pulls top dps in LFR raids).  If anyone has any suggestions, please do tell!  And feel free to play this game yourself, with friends!
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Recruiting Casual Horde Guildies on Mal'Ganis

28 May 2013
Quest giver: domiporta21 in worldofwarcraft
Hello all of you lovely Wowians? :)
My friend and I have recently started a casual guild on Mal’Ganis. We hope to grow enough so that we can PvE (including dungeons/raids) and PvP (arenas/rbgs). I REPEAT THIS IS ALL CASUAL WE WANT WoW TO BE FUN AGAIN. Problem is, not many people are very excited about joining a level 3 guild. So we figured we’d try this site out! While we cannot offer many guild perks right away, we are offering our own little perks to (sort of) make up for it. For example, the first six guildies to sign up will be put on a list for the ICC Invincible mount. We will also be doing old raids, and if you join we will focus on getting the mounts from ICC, DS, Firelands and possibly Ulduar. Another fun perk is once we get enough money there will be free repairs for everyone :) If you are interested, please contact me on this post or you can get ahold of me in game on my battle tag Domi#1349. Happy WoWing everyone :)


7 May 2013
Quest giver: spartonian in worldofwarcraft
I thought the days of not knowing how an encounter works in a dungeon run were over. I was wrong. ALL THREE DPS had no frickin' clue how the Raigonn fight worked last night. The healer and I had to duo him/her/it. The DPS didn't do the cannon thing right even after the healer and I explained how to do it... then all three died. Dodging eleventy-billion little tornadoes while smacking the huge bug AND helping heal myself... good times.

Then in a Stormstout Brewery run, again all three DPS had no idea what they were doing... between a Warlock, Hunter, and Rogue... NO DOTS other than passive effects. Yes, I had track buffs/debuffs on.

Maybe Blizz should require completing an LFG tutorial quest before you can queue for Heroic LFG.... >:[
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23 Apr 2013
Quest giver: kikumaru_eijiku in worldofwarcraft
I was here quite a few months ago with this post.  Since then, I've stopped playing.  The week MoP came out, actually.  I was using Ross' Rage Bar, but it seems to not work anymore.  Is it not MoP compatible?  Am I just failing at getting it to work, or has it stopped?  Sadly, I uninstalled Curse when I uninstalled WoW and lost all my addons.  So the Rage Bar that I just downloaded is fully updated, before anyone asks.

As for the cooldowns I was talking about in that previous post, I'm not sure what I was using.  I know I had Quartz, because the casting bar looks very familiar.  The red area at the end to que your next spell is something I know I had.  I can't seem to figure out the cooldown aspect of it (assuming that's what I was using for CDs).  I know the one I did have was a bar with the icon for the spell at the end of it.  You could set it to flash the icon in the middle of the screen/where ever you wanted when it was off CD.  Basically, I'd just like something that does the same thing, that's easy for me to configure.

One last question.  Gatherer (sp?).  Is there some way, some website, that has people's nodes/map that can be downloaded? So I can see them on my map without having to find the acutal nodes myself.  I realize there are many websites out there who have a map that shows where they are.  However....I'm lazy and much rather just download them.  Haha.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
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Looking for guidance

19 Apr 2013
Quest giver: ben_ten in worldofwarcraft
Hey everyone, it has been forever since I have posted and I only recently came back to wow due to the announcements for 5.3. I came back since I love the horde-alliance war and story line and I was wondering if I would be missing anything huge by running the darkspear rebellion on alliance toons (other than different chat log stuff). Has anyone seen if they will see extra or considerably better content? I am trying to get my 85 warrior to 90 asap for this but I am wondering if I should do the same thing with my horde dk to experience something different/better?

It has really been bothering me, now that I have gotten quite a bit busier I don't have as much time to just level both in that time frame. Thank you for any help!
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Some not so light reading

15 Apr 2013
Quest giver: selenite in worldofwarcraft
Now that I'm hearthed in a library I started thinking what my main would be reading regularly. And so:

Prot Bookshelf
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Looking for a guild. Mug'thol if possible, but will consider server/faction change

7 Apr 2013
Quest giver: jennelise83 in worldofwarcraft
I know its a long shot, but I'm fairly anxious to find a good home for my toons.  In a round about way I ended up on Mug'thol.  I'm way under geared and under experienced in current content but I really miss raiding.  My current schedule would allow for raiding during the daytime hours 9am-4:30pm or in the evening after 9pm.  Currently Horde side, but would be willing to faction change as well.  I may even consider another server change, as I miss having a good guild that badly.  I'm would even interested in finding a guild to call home now to raid in future expansions.  My old guild fell apart early in Cataclysm and it took me awhile to get back into the game after that.  In my previous life I was a dedicated raider and always did my best to be prepared and early for raid nights.  Along with my arcane mage, I also have a feral/balance druid who is lvl capped, but is more severely under geared.  My druid was my previous raid toon so I am more than comfortable stepping back into a druid role as well.  I have raided in all specs as a druid, so any role would suffice.  I'm a bit of an altoholic, and would love to bring my baby toons into a guild as well.  I have a prot pally that is at 86 and slowly making her way towards 90.


*edited for further information

Too many mounts!... to handle reasonably, honestly I love having all of them and want more...

11 Feb 2013
Quest giver: leopardeternal in worldofwarcraft

Mood: crushed

Having recently gained exhausted with the Huojin Pandaren, and the Golden Lotus as of yesterday, I am now sitting at 136 mounts on one character, and about 162 mounts account wide (somehow I've been given Alliance versions of many horde mounts I already have like the Mekgineer's Chopper and the Winterspring Frostsaber).

For the longest time I've been relying on macro's that I could tailor to be able to randomly summon one among a particular range of mounts based upon what I wanted at any particular moment. I actually have ranges for particular types of mounts, not just flying vs ground, but forest mounts, barrens mounts, snow mounts, and then even the fliers I had separated into groups depending on how distant I planned to travel (dragons are used for crossing zones while windriders are for travelling within a zone). This allows me to show off all my mounts and still feel like I'm riding something relatively appropriate for any area I happen to be in, rather than purely randomizing my mounts.

But with 130+ mounts, and a full compliment of characters on one server including an Alliance alt.... these macro's are not only becoming unwieldy every time I get a new mount, the character limit is actually preventing me from being able to include all the mounts in a particular spread that I would like.

Anyone know of a good addon that might help me to handle all of this?


Thanks to some wonderful suggestions I have found that GoGoMounts does almost exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you all for your suggestion, and if anyone else is having similar issues now you know what to look for. If anyone has any further suggestions that might be better or also useful feel free to continue to comment.
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Lost mail

10 Feb 2013
Quest giver: ruarri in worldofwarcraft

Mood: meh

so, i was afk for a while and lost a bunch of mail. food mats, feasts, individual buff foodz, ore, herbs etc. am i screwed? is the cheese hard? can i contact a GM and get it restored?
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A Way To Revitalize 25 man raiding?

23 Jan 2013
Quest giver: spartonian in worldofwarcraft
Thunderforged Items will be of slightly higher quality than their non-thunderforged counterparts in 5.2.

Based on the blue post, the chance for thunderforged items to drop may be higher in 25 man raids.
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Mythos, Bleeding Hollow-US (Horde) Is Recruiting!!

20 Jan 2013
Quest giver: selliebean in worldofwarcraft
Hello everyone!

Selliie here, guild master of Mythos on Bleeding Hollow-US, a Horde-side guild who is in need of a few good players to flesh out our 10 main raid team!

About us: We are a smaller guild which started out as a group of real life friends just before the launch of Cataclysm. Back then, our guild master was the fearless Thandram and we had barely enough people around to run 5 mans together. Today, I have inherited control of the guild and while we have enough members to run a 10 man team, real life is starting to get in the way for a few key people, and so we have decided to officially start recruiting! We are currently 0/16 in Mists of Pandaria, but it's certainly not for a lack of desire! While we are primarily a social/leveling guild, most of our members started out this expansion expecting to get our feet wet in raiding, so we are truly hoping we can grab a few more people and get the ball rolling!

What we're looking for: At this point we are in dire need of a tank and at least one healer, possibly one or two DPS for permanent spots on our raiding roster. Of course, anyone is more than welcome to come and check us out, but these are the only roles I can absolutely promise a raid spot to. We do one night a week, Sunday, starting at 9:30pm server time (EST) and plan to raid for at 2-3 hours per week (more if people are willing and able!)

What's in it for you: Glory! Active guild chat! Alt friendly guild! ALL THE MAGE CAKES YOU CAN EAT!!! ...ok, so maybe I can't exactly promise you glory, but I can say that we have a wonderful group of people in Mythos. Most of us have known each other for at least a year, we have our own vent server that people like to hang out on almost nightly, and everyone is very helpful. We're big on running old raid content for transmog/achievements/ALLTHEPETS! and tend to run LFR and Heroics together on a weekly basis. So whether you're looking for a raid team or just a place to call your new home, Mythos may be the place for you!

If you're interested, feel free to add me on Battletag, Selliebean#1889 or roll an alt over on Bleeding Hollow, do a /who Mythos and ask whoever is online if there's an officer around. I myself can be found on Selliie most of the time, but have many many alts in the guild who are slowly making their way to 90. I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Level 80 Paladin solos Mogushan Vaults bosses.

9 Jan 2013
Quest giver: spartonian in worldofwarcraft
This is an incredibly clever use of mechanics...