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Warcraft 3 help

21 Nov 2013
Quest giver: kikumaru_eijiku in worldofwarcraft
So...I was playing a while ago, on RoC. My first time playing through and I got to the beginning of the Orc campaign (with Baine and Thrall, not the opening campaign). I didn't do this all in one go. It was over a few days. Today, I just tried to go back to the game...and apparently, my game is saved on the map where you need to get the three moonstone thingies to open the gate, back in the undead campaign. I've been through this level already. I really don't want to have to do that stupid half hour mission to guard KT, as well as the other missions between it and where I am. Any idea what happened? Between playing the last time and starting up again, I installed FT. Where does the game save my files? My friend created another profile on my PC and when I go into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft\Warcraft III\Save\" the only profile that's there is my Profile1. Where is my game? T__T
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Art Commissions & Donations to Typhoon Haiya Victims

14 Nov 2013
Quest giver: iidx_girl in worldofwarcraft
Hey guys, it's that time of year again when we can all use a bit of money.  I always like taking commissions from you guys because you're all so friendly.  :)

I'm going to donate 25% of each commission to Typhoon Haiya victims, and my prices will be dramatically decreased in an effort to get commissions in and out as soon as possible.
I work about 50 hours a week at my job, but I'll try to get commissions finished within 1-2 weeks (sub 1 week if possible).

At this time, I'm offering 3 slots of full body, full colored characters.  If you want a painting for two characters, then you have to get 2 out of the 3 slots, etc... I used to charge $110 for each character, but this time, I'm asking $75 a slot.  They will be of much higher quality as I have gotten a lot more practice since I last took commissions (I was runner's up in IGN's Diablo 3 fan art contest). If you really want a slot, but can't just quite close the money gap, then we can haggle.  If you really want a companion pet/hunter pet in there, too, we can talk about it.

For a slot for $75 (25% to charity), you'd get something like this:

More examples and infoCollapse )

And as usual, they don't have to be WoW characters.  They can be characters from other games, personal characters from a story, or you yourself as a game character, for example.

Comment on this entry or send me an email at if you're interested.

Anyway, thanks for looking. (:  I hope people have super happy holidays
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Feelings on the next expansion from an inactive player.

10 Nov 2013
Quest giver: rufushonkeriv in worldofwarcraft
Back to Dreanor.  Hm.  Not sure how I feel.  I liked Outland at release, but not each slog-through since.  I know this is different, but...

10 levels this time.  Better, I guess.  I finished up MoP and was bored of it within a month of reupping my account and playing.  Different questlines to keep leveling all your toons fresh would be nice - but this wasn't announced, just my own thought.

WTF is item squish?  I realize it has to do with easing the massive damage and hp numbers we're seeing, is that a good nutshell?

Are garrisons going to be kind of like player housing?  Will they be phased or instanced or something?  It's going to be like the farm in MoP?  I respect that some people really liked that, but oh, God, no.

Bump to 90 is nice.  I have friends who will like.  Buying all those expansions and then paying to play continues to be a sticking point with misers, though - and not completely unjustified, either.

No new races.  Probably smart.  Actually, Blizz ought to introduce a new race at the halfway point between expansions.

While I'm here, one issue I'm dealing with for multi-month periods away form game is always finding my guild has dumped me in the interim.  First order of business, find a new guild... which is not filled with teenagers hoping to make me raid.  it's a game issue Blizzard has little control over, though.
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Level 100 (yes, 100) Proposed Talents

9 Nov 2013
Quest giver: spartonian in worldofwarcraft
Chance "Master the Basics" (Rogue list) gets nerfed? 100% (scroll down a bit)
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No More Hit or Expertise!!!

8 Nov 2013
Quest giver: spartonian in worldofwarcraft
Best game mechanic change… EVER! =]

Edit: Tank itemization is getting simplified too (no more Dodge or Parry).
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Blizzcon Speculation!

7 Nov 2013
Quest giver: spartonian in worldofwarcraft
The first Blizzcon in two years starts tomorrow. Whether baseless pure speculation, some sneaky interwebz research, or something in-between... what's the next WoW expansion going to be? =P
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Hardcore mode would bring me back.

2 Nov 2013
Quest giver: rufushonkeriv in worldofwarcraft
I think a hardcore mode server (You die once, your character is dead forever) to World of Warcraft would reinvigorate the game for casuals. I'd certainly do it. If you're bringing up how stupid this idea would be, then it just doesn't match your play style, obviously.  There are lots of people who enjoy early-game low level play and don't do raiding and instances who would enjoy the experience.  Hardcore instance players would REALLY be hardcore.

My proposals and ideas for it:

  • You must already have a max-level toon on another server. We don't need noobs trying this out.

  • Two servers. If you die on the hardcore server your character gets transferred to a normal, non-hardcore server - that way all of your hard work isn't exactly lost, it just is away from the hardcore server people. Or give you the option to paid transfer the dead toon to a non-hardcore server - that would put money in Blizz's pocket - they'd like that.

  • Turn off the Dungeon Finder, etc. Force people to quest or gather a group and head out to the instance like in the old days. (Personally, I say just turn instances off - make is a questing server. "not enough for high levels to do"? I don't think high levels will be in large enough supply.

  • Must be a PvP server Hey, I'm a PvE player myself, but if we're going to go dangerous, let's go dangerous.

  • No transfers to the server.  EVERYONE starts from square one here.

I think WoW has been around long enough (and is losing players) that this would be an intriguing experiment.

EDIT: adding It's not "deleting your character when you die", it's "working in a world where everyone is under the same rule".  (I'm aware I can just stop playing when my character dies, but a world where everyone was as careful would be interesting.)
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Pain in the a** Tuesdays

29 Oct 2013
Quest giver: zydefaux in worldofwarcraft
So this last maintenance day, did anyone else have every single one of their settings set back to default? I feel like murdering someone
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Power Creep

28 Oct 2013
Quest giver: selenite in worldofwarcraft
I just checked. When I use my Last Stand ability, my prot warrior has more hit points than the Molten Core version of Ragnaros.

This seems very wrong somehow.
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4th Annual Running of the Gnomes! Oct 26th! TOMORROW!!

25 Oct 2013
Quest giver: dravvie in worldofwarcraft
4th Annual Gnome Run

Read More...Collapse )

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Dungeon étiquette

11 Oct 2013
Quest giver: bluesman in worldofwarcraft
I am back with another question, regarding dungeon ("instance"?) etiquette. Any feedback will be gratefully accepted.

So, I have a hunter (with a wolf to tank for him) and he is at level forty four or thereabouts. I've got him there purely through questing. I don't bother with banks or auctions. I thought, this morning, "just a mo, I've never been in a dungeon," so I signed up, and soon found myself in one.

I was merrily fighting along with my team mates, and someone made a comment about how they hate hunters. I didn't know what to think, and looked at the scrolling text at bottom left, but there were two panels open at the same time (what's up with that?) and it was all indecipherable. Also, in the heat of battle and trying to keep up with everyone else, I wasn't going to stand there and try to fiddle with it.

When the instance ended and I got out, I managed to read the text, and it seems that there is something called "growl" and that I should have switched it off. I can certainly do that next time, if I was hindering other players in the dungeon. To be honest, I've no idea what most of the icons at the bottom of my screen do. In fact, they seem to do nothing whatsoever, and in the middle of being bashed about by an ogre when questing, I'm not going to click at random. I did that once and my wolf went and sat down to watch me get bashed...

So, does leaving the growl activated mean that I hog the enemy to myself? One of the players told me I looked "stupid" reviving the wolf after every fight. Well, if the little bugger died in there, what else would I do? I at least know not to claim a prize if I don't need it and someone else might, and there were so many enemies in the dungeon that I doubt I was hogging any (they were overrunning us, so there were plenty for everyone else). So, was this person just being a butthead?

Could any of you please tell me what I should and should not do in there? It's supposed to be fun for everyone, and I don't want to spoil it for them and possibly get a bad reputation.
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Lothar Horde Guild needs OT

19 Sep 2013
Quest giver: ear_envy in worldofwarcraft
El Toro Loco is known for it's casual nature but a few us have decided that we want to progress. So far things seems to be a revolving door. A few people had to leave because of unfortunate real life problems, and we need more people. We need a dedicated off tank and one dps. Hunter, rogue or druid preferred. We'd prefer a bear, monk, DK or warrior tank. If you apply please be able to raid and show up on time. We are also looking for backups as it seems our team is currently cursed. Please send a tell to Lovegood or Dethwolf in game. My GM even said he'd reimburse a xfer if the individual was capable and willing to stick around. we are a fun laid back group but we get stuff done. I promise you will not regret it!

x posted

Appalling rudery!

14 Sep 2013
Quest giver: bluesman in worldofwarcraft
Thank you, my dears, for answering my previous question, and yes, I am relatively new to WoW, so here is another question.

Is it frowned upon, and even opprobrious, for another player to muscle in on your quest? For instance, you are required to kill ten orcs, and every time you approach one and right-click it to attack, some git with the same quest zips in and wipes it out in a flash. If you tell him/her to butt out, they say they won't.

So is this an accepted aspect of playing WoW? I will only intervene in someone's fight if I see that they are being overpowered, and then only enough to help a bit rather than be entitled to any loot. And sometimes, another player will bless me with stamina that lasts for 30 mins or restores my health in the middle of a fight. People like this are a blessing.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Server closing down

12 Sep 2013
Quest giver: bluesman in worldofwarcraft
Is it just me, or is WoW shutting down its servers a bit too bloody often lately? I'm talking about at least once every day. Why am I giving them my money? And now they are asking me to choose a realm when I log in. I did that when I first signed up!

Anyone else out there having the same problems?
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Okay, let's see who still sees posts on this community.

4 Sep 2013
Quest giver: rufushonkeriv in worldofwarcraft
How long has it been since you played WoW?  I haven't since January, myself (and that was after a long break, too!), and I was a heavy poster here back in the day.  This is your chance (if you haven't been playing but are still in this community), to say how long it has been.  Doesn't matter if you now hate WoW or love it but don't play, give the poll a shot.

Do you still play World of Warcraft?

I have an active account but haven't played for a while
No, but I have played in 2013.
No, I haven't played since before Mists of Panderia came out (2012)
No, I haven't played since before the Cataclysm (2010)
No, I haven't played since before Wrath of the Lich King (2008)
No, I haven't played since before the Burning Crusade (2007)
No, I haven't played since Vanilla WoW
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Raiding Etiquette

2 Sep 2013
Quest giver: spartonian in worldofwarcraft
I know the WoW LJ audience is much smaller than when I was regularly raiding, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post some friendly reminders about the expectations of raiders in a raiding guild.

Addons: Inventory, Mage Table

25 Jul 2013
Quest giver: kikumaru_eijiku in worldofwarcraft
I'm farming cloth.  I'd like to see if there's an addon that will display how many I have. I have Bagnon, so if I hover over an item in my inventory, it show how many I have. I'd like one that doesn't need me to open my bags.  Just something that sits on the screen and displays a number, or something to that effect.

My mage just hit 72 and I have access to the Table now.  Is there an addon that will notify me each time I join a dungeon/party to place the table down? Sort of like how recount bitches at you to reset the data everytime the party changes.

Thank you  =)
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15 Jul 2013
Quest giver: cager79 in worldofwarcraft
Has anyone used SimulationCraft? I downloaded it because I was curious to see where my DPS should be for my gear level, and as I went through it it wanted me to log in to the armory via a built in browser. I know SimulationCraft is a well known name, so is it safe for me to login to the armory through their program?
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WoW Drinking Game!

20 Jun 2013
Quest giver: kikumaru_eijiku in worldofwarcraft
So my friends and I are drinking on Friday.  We're gonna run through old content for S&Gs, but we want to add a game to it.  Like King's Cup, if you've heard of it.  So a few rules:

1) Die to a boss, take a shot
2) Die to trash mobs, take two shots
3) Roll need and get your item, take a shot (you gotta pay for your item with your soberness (is that a word?))
4) Pass on loot, take a shot (like them stupid Illidari Marks from Black Temple)
5) Deal lowest dps, take a shot
6) Pop a skill that will be randomly decided, take a shot
7) At the end of the dungeon, whoever won the most 'Greed' rolls gets to hand out a shot
8) Pick up the most random item (food, cloth, Broken Claw, etc) gets to hand out a shot
9) However long you've been feared for is how long you gotta drink
10) Whoever won rule 7 in the last dungeon gets party leader.  They get to do a ready check whenever they want.  Whoever is the last to click 'ready' has to take a shot
11) Whenever we hear a boss say 'run away, little girl, run away' and repeats it after gets to hand out a shot (inside joke)

We're running out of ideas!  So I've decided to ask all of you for your help. As of right now, we have (all 90s) a shadow/holy priest, a ele shaman, feral druid, and a bm monk.  The druid is sitting at 464, priest 476, and both the shaman and monk are closer to 500 (so their damage output kills the other two, especially the shaman who almost always pulls top dps in LFR raids).  If anyone has any suggestions, please do tell!  And feel free to play this game yourself, with friends!
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Recruiting Casual Horde Guildies on Mal'Ganis

28 May 2013
Quest giver: domiporta21 in worldofwarcraft
Hello all of you lovely Wowians? :)
My friend and I have recently started a casual guild on Mal’Ganis. We hope to grow enough so that we can PvE (including dungeons/raids) and PvP (arenas/rbgs). I REPEAT THIS IS ALL CASUAL WE WANT WoW TO BE FUN AGAIN. Problem is, not many people are very excited about joining a level 3 guild. So we figured we’d try this site out! While we cannot offer many guild perks right away, we are offering our own little perks to (sort of) make up for it. For example, the first six guildies to sign up will be put on a list for the ICC Invincible mount. We will also be doing old raids, and if you join we will focus on getting the mounts from ICC, DS, Firelands and possibly Ulduar. Another fun perk is once we get enough money there will be free repairs for everyone :) If you are interested, please contact me on this post or you can get ahold of me in game on my battle tag Domi#1349. Happy WoWing everyone :)