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Looking For Guild

My husband and I have main characters on the Earthen Ring realm.  We really would like to find a socially active guild on that server (Alliance side) that's not neccessarily G or PG-rated everything.  Do any of you have such a guild on the realm?  It would be great to find a guild that gets together for raids, but we are not too serious about raiding.  To us, raiding = making progress with some laughs.  We are mostly found online 6 PM - 10 PM ET, through the week.  Later on the weekends, of course.

We both have DPS, tanks, healers.  I would rather DPS & tank, he would rather DPS & heals.  

I win the game.

This morning after the reboot, there were no NPCs in the Eastern Kingdoms.  None of us Alliance could get to Stormwind, and those who were there reported no NPCs or mailboxes.  Someone said they could ride the boat from Darny and indeed it worked.  Then I got an idea.

I grabbed my Troll, flew to Darny and hopped the boat.  No guards.  I took the throne.  My Troll wins the World of Warcraft.


Patch 6.0.2

Patch 6.0.2 drops on Tuesday.

Patch notes here.

A few things to know if you don't want to read the patch notes (these are not comprehensive):

  • Bagspace fixes: Reagent tab in bank, new voidspace tab, quest items no longer kept in bags, toybox for fun stuff, heirlooms tab

  • Squish: Numbers are being squished from the millions needed now.

  • No more guild leveling: all guilds will essentially be level 25.  (Hooray for the return of casual guilds!)

  • New character models: no worries - if you don't like the new models you can opt to keep your old model!

  • The Iron Horde Invasion: Phased Blasted Lands, quests to do, and newly revamped UBRS with Warlords gear drops!


My first Horde 90.

I created my first Horde 90, after 8 years of playing this game on and off - first Horde to level cap.

I was planning on using my boost for Horde anyway. After months of consideration I realized I didn't want to play a dwarf or a Draenei so I went Troll shammy. To get the profession boost I leveled "Planck" (After Max Planck) to 60 first.

My backstory (I have back-stories for all my main toons) so far is just that Planck, not being a fan of Garrosh, got "Sent to Alaska" Blasted Lands, Drealmaul Keep, where little happens. One day, on duty upon the battlements, he looked out and saw the Iron Horde appraoching. He turned to the guard next to him and said "Hey, mon - dose orcs don' look like our orcs..."

Looking forward to 6.0.2 so I can figure out more of his story in the invasion.