April 17th, 2007

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America’s #1 selling PC game since 2004 continues its incredible entry into the collectible action figure arena with this ILLIDAN Deluxe Collector Figure from DC Unlimited. This figure is 6.5” tall with a wingspan of 11” — the total height of the figure is 13”!

On sale December 19, 2007
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random priest question

is there a priest spec that can main-heal in level 70 instances and raids but still be able to solo effectively? looking for advice for a guildmate; he doesn't feel like his shadow spec can cut it anymore as a main healer, but he's still got a lot of quests to solo and it's not always possible to find a group.

[Downtime] Official Tuesday/Caturday Servers Screwed Thread

This week all of us are down from 5AM PDT - 11AM PDT except some realms that are going down 2 hours earlier. As such, your friendly neighborhood moderators are here for you! To keep the "zomg servers are down!!1" posts to a minimum let's consolidate discussion involving any downtime, upgrades and maintenance to this post.

Any further posts made concerning this will be deleted until tomorrow.

Thanks all!

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Caturday Is Love

It's the Caturday Tuesday Maintenance Thread! So post some cats!

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I always like asking my friends this question, so I thought I'd put it up here.

Which is your favorite zone/area, before TBC and also in TBC? Why?

That being asked, I should also ask the reverse of what are your least favorite zones/areas, before TBC and also in TBC? Why?

Stealth Rep Farming

Do you guys think stealthing in heroic Slave Pens and killing the slaves for rep is possible?

I remember reading about a druid who did that to farm for Earthwarden. I tried it, but, those slaves beat me down pretty hard. I'm not sure it's possible, or even worth the time to try again.

Does the Priest Holy tree need a buff?

I was reading a post over at Wow Insider that was based on theantipoet's recent post to our community. (Good job on getting noticed btw Theantipoet!) It gave me an idea.

I will admit that I spend a lot of time reading my class's official forum and it can sometimes be difficult not to get overwhelmed by all the complaining and cries for buffs. One can end up buying into those opinions based on sheer numbers of people who share them rather than based on the facts. On the one hand you have to consider the questionable source of these opinions and judgements of the status of the class. On the hand, the class forum hasn't always been in the uproar it is in now, there were times when the class was content for the most part.

Regardless, in an effort to gain some perspective from a broader range of players, I decided to post this poll. I trust the opinions of the members of this community far more than those of the official forum posters.

Anyone should feel free to vote. I am going to post it without stating any of the reasons why people currently believe the Holy tree does or does not need changes. Please feel free to discuss those reasons in the comments or do some research for yourself. Here is the Priest talent calculator for reference. I just don't want to sway people's votes. Once you've voted, it would help if you leave a comment stating why you voted the way you did.

I feel it important to note that I am not attempting to prove or disprove anything with this poll. A majority of "yes" or "no" votes has absolutely no bearing on whether or not changes are actually needed. All it will do is show how the majority of the people who take the time to fill out the poll feel. Once again, I am just attempting to gain a broader perspective because I feel mine may have been influenced by reading so many of the obviously biased opinions of my fellow Priests.

Poll #968109 Priest Holy tree buff?

Does the Priest Holy tree need a buff?

No, it is fine the way it is.
No. It needs a nerf.

Farming tracking mod?

So, it seems like in BC I've been farming like never before. Primals. Netherweave. Faction items. I'm looking for a mod that'll track things for me - I input a number of items I need, and it displays my progress like the quest tracker. I know pre-BC there was an addon to make your own quests, but it was bulky and buggy and I'm not sure it's been updated.

Thanks for the help!
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Epic Mount Question

So I heard from a friend that the epic mount training costs 500g now. Now I'm not high enough level to go check, and so I'm wondering if anyone here has recently purchased thier epic /ground/ mount and could clarify this for me.

And are epic race mounts 10g like the level 40 ones, or is it a higher price? I'm thinking that PvPing and getting the Battle Tiger for my Druid will be the coolest looking one, but it's always good to keep my options open.

I never had to worry about this stuff because I used to play an old-school pally, but now I have no idea with all the changes they've made.
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Short intro and question

Hi everyone!  This is my first post in the community, so along with a quick question, I wanted to say "hello"! 

Anyway, I'm a 70 war on the Archimonde server, currently MT for our Kara group and stuck on Moroes.  We had maybe 4-5 attempts on this guy and we're still not able to kill him.

For those who cleared Kara, how would you rate the difficulty of the Moroes fight relative to other boss fights?

Plentiful opinions welcome

This is a UI post where I'm going to ask you to give me some suggestions. Feel free to skip if you are in no way proud or satisfied with your UI.


So, my main is a raiding 70 priest. I play lots of lower level alts (ie not all bars are filled out) and my "main alt" is a mid 60 rogue that i'll probably play a lot to farm.

With all of that, here is my UI and a list of the major things I use:

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  1. CTRaid boxes: mainly for mana and ... eh, no real reason why i haven't removed them from my screen
  2. Grid: my love. I am now crutched onto this addon and am gonna be fucking screwed when it breaks with 2.1
  3. Bongos takes care of my action bars
  4. Swstats for epeen and boredom prevention

What I need from you...

...is a good suggestion for a character and target unit frame. I don't do target of target, grid takes care of that. What I would ideally prefer is my character frame to be on the left of grid and my target to be on the right of grid since I'm pretty tunnel vision when I'm healing. I also want this addon to have a good combo point system since I will be playing my rogue a lot.

I'd prefer none of this shitty 3d gimicky stuff as its pointless and annoys me. I will probably go back to some form of Perl unit frames eventually since I've used it before and because I relaly like Perl the programming language...

...unless you guys can convince me one of two things:
  1. The Perl programming language is abhorrent and should never be spoken of again
  2. Or, you have a better UI suggestion than Perl

I am also up for overall critiques and suggestions on my layout as I'm sort of a nub to raid healing

PS. Any Bay Area folks here? Interested in doing a meetup for drinks and shooting the shit? I need to meet new folks and all the regular people think I'm crazy when I say I spend 20 hours a week playing this game.

PPS. Anyone know of an addon that will let me move that stupid tooltip to the top and center of my screen. I HATE having to lookin the bottom right corner of the screen all the time.