February 13th, 2008


Epic drop, what to do

While farming motes of shadow last night the voidspawns decided, they were in a giving mood. Not only was I having about a 30 percent drop rate for two motes at a time but, Plans: Hand of Eternity dropped.

Of course, I'm a tailor not a blacksmith. A couple of things; first, is that really what these are worth? I know it depends on your server and all that but, is that seriously what I can reasonably post these for on the AH?

In addition, I'm torn on if that is something I should do. Our GL is a blacksmith and I thought about giving him the plans. However, I need to purchase my flying mount if I ever hope to see Kara. To do that, I need money. ATM I'm sitting with about 300g, which is about 700g short of a flying mount.

Therefore, should I sell the plans and get my mount (assuming I can get that kind of money for them) or give them to the GL because, well, he's the Guild Leader and it would be a nice thing to do. For some reason, I don't feel right about the idea of selling it to the GL. I just think that would be tacky. I guess if he offers to pay me for it, I wouldn't turn him down but, I don't see myself asking him for money for it.
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Another one of the Laws of World of Warcraft

I noticed this last night as I was doing the quest "Extinguish the Firegut":

The Law of Quest Mob Distribution
"The amount of a particular mob you need to kill is inversely proportional to the amount of that mob that is spawned at any given time."

For example... the quest above calls for you to kill 15 Firegut Mages, 7 Firegut Thugs, and 7 Firegut Ogres. I found 3 times as many of the latter 2 mobs as I did of the former mob. Thankfully, there was only 1 other person competing for kills in the area, and we each stayed on our own side of the mountain.

Have you noticed any Laws of WoW?
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V-Day Gifts

Is there any point to turning in a Valentine gift to the city this year? Last time I did it I don't remember getting anything. I thought it was just some weird popularity contest.

Regardless, I have procured a picnic basket, a dress, and one permanent Peddlefeet, so not doing too shabby.
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Can someone explain Attunement controversey?

OK, maybe I'm missing something but I don't see why there's so much controversey. I think it's silly that they're removing Attunement too, but it's really not a big deal, and I don't think that T6 guilds are going to miss the one badge they'd get from killing him. Yeah, people can go right to the repair vendor now, but I just don't get why it's a big deal and why there's threads and threads about it. Is there some kind of unofficial Huntsman fan club or something?


The number of people who fail at humour/reading make this a winning thread.

Gear.... again

Okay, so I hit 70 last weekend (despite all the server issues). I'm working my way through the Kara chain and am ready to go into CoT to help Thrall so I can get into BM and see Medivh. It just dawned on me that even if I finish the Kara chain, I'm still in trash greens/blues. Time to move up if I want in on the Kara goodness, right?

So I'm using the armory and thottbot to try and figure out what I need to get. My problem is that I don't know which gear to get. I understand what stats I need and such. I'm having a hard time figuring out what I need and is attainable pre-Kara.

Basically what I want to know is there a website or something that makes it easy to figure out what gear I should be going for right now? I'm trying to make a list of what I need to get, but I can't seem to figure it out.

Thanks in advance for the help, and sorry if this is a long post, I don't know how to cut :(
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Today's PSA

Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide (60-65) rocks. Except for the days when it sucks.

Case in point.

Level 61 warrior. Following the guide to the T and currently on Step 8 of level 61. Current gear requires level 60+ and is a mix of Fury and Tank gear (nothing extremely high in agi, str or stam, but a good mix, which fits the fury/prot build).

Died at least five times trying to pick out stupid birds. Aggro radius of said birds is *hyuuuge*. Not difficult to pull two (or more?!?!) and if you happen to get casters in there, good bloody luck getting them bunched up to use Sweeping Strikes, Cleave or Whirlwind.

Gave up down there. Went back to Honour Hold to nurse wounded pride, repair gear, and once again consider deleting said warrior.

Pop open Quest Log and decide to go do the three quests at the very top: [61]Smooth as Butter (collect buzzard wings), [61]Voidwalkers Gone Wild (drops off voidwalkers), and [61]Looking to the Leadership (kill two ghosties). All three are just south of HH.

Half an hour later of non-stop wackwack with the sword, I have my quest mobs killed and all my items gathered. Hearth back to HH, turn in, ding 62.

Silly Jame's Guide. >_<
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Quick Rogue Question

Combat talent "Blade Flurry": the effect that lets your attacks strike an additional enemy also applies to finishing moves (and presumably other special abilities). Is this by design or a bug?

I ask because I honestly never noticed it until recently. It could be because I only just started paying attention to my combat log...

RL guild drama

Myself and about 6 of my RL friends started playing on the same server...finally. We started a guild because there's about 4 of us that have end game experience. The others...not so much. One of those people plays a rogue and he transferred servers to be on ours. (Khadgar, btw) At the time, for whatever reason, I was thinking he knew a lot more about WoW than he actually does so I made him rogue officer since he's dedicated and loves the class. But issues have popped up where he's showing that he really doesn't know what he's talking about. Questions like, "When do you get a flying mount?"

I mean, really? I didn't have a 70 until well after the expansion came out, but I knew when I was getting a flying mount.

I guess my question is, how do you talk to a guildmate about possibly being demoted when they're your friend IRL?

Or is the even possible? I know it's just a game, but it'd be hurtful to me if I was working with a bunch of friends and they took something that I enjoyed away from me. Should I just give a couple weeks/months to see how everything plays out?

I'm just thinking out loud now.
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LF Random Enchantments...

I've decided to get back on my Warrior and level her up to give my main a break from tenacious farming, only going on my main to do daily quests, harvest, and raid.

Anyway, as for her spec, she's currently 17/0/0 Arms and I'm pretty much following my instinct. My next three points will either go into "Improved Heroic Strike," "Improved Rend," or "Two-Handed Weapon Specialization" and the five points after that will go into "Poleaxe Specilization."

I used to have a chart but the site it was on is now "404 - File Not Found."

Anyway, other than dungeon drops, what sort of gear should I aim for? I remember "of the Tiger" is one and "of the Bear" being another.

In addition to the question above, for future reference, what are the good Burning Crusade random enchantments?

Here's her character sheet. Feel free to comment, suggest, and/or chuckle are her gear, and feel free to awe at her current reputation.

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WTB Holy Paladins / Resto Shamans on Kalecgos

Hey everyone;

Our guild (Alliance side) seems to be lacking in Paladins.  It's odd, really.  We had like fifteen of them (or what seemed to be fifteen of them), but at present only two holy paladins ever log on.  And as of late our resto shamans are spotty at best.  I was just informed one has decided to 'take a break' from WoW.

So I thought I'd post to see if anyone is interested you're welcome to post an application.

www dot vereor-guild dot com

A little bit about Vereor:
Vereor has completed SSC and TK and is 4/5 in Hyjal.  We'd prefer someone who is already attuned, because I think the thought of going back to SSC and TK on a weekly basis is an anathema to people.  Although if you're missing one of the vials, I don't think they'd say no just because of that.  It's a pretty laid back guild who raids Sunday - Thursday from 6:30pm to 11:30pm (or midnight) PST (7:30pm - 12:30pm MST).  We do have women in the guild, so if you're not accustomed to interacting with those of the female persuasion, you may not survive.  There are a bunch of fairly active Arena teams and people do BG's all the time. 

A little bit about Kalecgos:
It's a medium population, PvP server.  If you're alliance the queues are pretty darned close to instant.  Unfortunately, our battlegroup is filled with retarded monkeys.  I think the Horde out number the Alliance on our server, but I don't know what the ratio is.  Some of the Horde guilds are pretty cool, other Horde guilds are douchebags, but I'm sure that's how it is on every server. 
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Everything I Needed to Know About Management, I Learned From a PuG in World of Warcraft

X-Posted from my own LJ, but thought people here might be interested in this.

The other day, I interviewed for a new job as the manager of our building’s small IT department. The questions were all based around how I would handle the rigors of making decisions, aligning visions to meet set goals, and mediating team strife. In the back of my mind, I constantly told myself "Don’t mention WoW, don’t mention WoW...".

Several hours after the interview, I started thinking about it and began to ask myself a simple question... why NOT bring up WoW? Leading a pickup group of talented players (as I’d like to think most all of them are in their own right), as I began to explain in my mind, is really not that different from managing a team of talented professionals.

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Double Bubble?

I just respecced my Mage from Fire to Ice. I took the Ice Barrier talent (infinitely more attractive than Mana Shield), and now I have a question that my esteemed guildies have never considered... Probably because I'm the most experienced Mage we have (God help us!).

Which spell takes the damage? I'm currently hunting Dragonkin that use Fireball. I slipped easily into the habit of keeping Ice Barrier active as much as possible, but when fighting these mobs I also use Flame Ward. They rarely break through the Flame Ward before its 30 seconds is up, which makes testing it a bit trickier.

I don't need Ice Barrier here, since this area is populated entirely by Dragonkin, but I thought it might be a useful bit of information for the future.

On a similar topic, what's the effect if I were to use Ice Barrier and Mana Shield? Would the second cast (say Mana Shield) cancel the first, or would it give me the error about "A more powerful spell is already active?" The game wouldn't allow both... would it?
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(no subject)

Maybe I'm just abusing the strengths of the Shaman class, but I went to Underbog to see if I could solo the first two spore bats (one at a time) at 62. I can. Granted, I have just about the best gear possible for a 62 Enh Shaman, but I'm not sure Blizzard intended for me to get 5100 XP(rested, of course) for killing an elite spore bat by myself... and then leaving the instance and resetting until I could no longer do it.

Guildchat is there for a reason...

It happened again today.

I was fishing in Western Plaugelands and I got a msg asking for help on a quest. I was nearing 225 fishing and said that I couldn't help - I was fishing and had to get off soon. This evening I was on and noticed the person who asked for help in the guildchat. I apologized, said that I'd have been happy to help if I would have known they were a guildie. They were cool with it.

I'm in a fair-sized guild and I'm still getting used to the member names since coming back to WoW. I've had this problem before, and I'd like to scream out "Ask me in Guildchat!!!!"

I mean, this evening, in a seperate incident I was msgd and begged for help on a quest after I'd only just ridden into Stranglethorn Vale. The guy pestered me until I put on DND, then after I took it off he msgd me again (I'm guessing that after asking every 70 in STV he started over).

It's handy in a big guild to ask in guildchat, so that way they at least know you're dealing with a guildie. I never know when I'm being messaged by a random person, or just a guildie whose name I don't recognize.

[rant over]
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Warriors. Tanks. and Race

Hey guys :-), school is going very well for myself but I am just curious about something

I hate a lvl 25 warrior, and I am thinking about picking him up again to lvl him as my main

He is a human, and I understand that gnomes generally are better for pvp, ne's %dodge is nice for tanking, draenei % hit is nice for dps, dwarves stoneskin is nice for some tanking situations and some pvp, and that humans get some expertise

with all that said, I do understand there is a greater divide for the horde (being that ppl argue the extra 5% hp is the only way to go for tanks)

for the alliance, does it really matter? lol I have seen tanks of every race