May 8th, 2009


Potential Server Transfer?

I'm not sure how to begin this and I hope that this is allowed.

My partner and I (well my family really) are considering transferring off our current PVP server to something along the lines of PVE. When we started on WoW we were given a buddy key by my partners brother and ended up on a PVP server. While we've stuck it out for six months or so, we're just not really enjoying the continual gank fests that happen. I tend to like PVP on my terms as I really do enjoy PVPing and facing off against opponents, but being a continual red='s dead sort of thing isn't much fun for me when I'm trying to grind.

Chance are we'd likely move our 80's to the new server and leave alts over on the pvp server to wallow in whatever festering hole it its. :D

So I come to you guys seeking advice on how to pick a good server. We're a pretty laid back family, enjoy raids, chatting and generally a nice relaxed atmosphere where you're not afraid to ask for a group or to go on raids. We're both fairly well versed in our classes and know our way around most raids and heroics. Chances are we'd all look to join a guild that enjoys casual raiding, but still allow for flexibility to enjoy solo pursuits.

So if anyone can tell me a bit about their server, what perks it offers and all that I'd appreciate it. :)

Editing to add:

We're horde side, all of us but 2 are 80's and fairly well geared. Time zone for all of us is Pacific. :)

Thorim Tips?

My guild spent the entire night wiping on Thorim(25) yesterday. The arena team barely lasted even 2 minutes before 1 or two people died and it snowballed into a cluster-F.

I need some tips or ideas.

We have the larger portion of the raid in the arena, with most of the AOE dps there and a rogue spec'd for Improved Throw specifically for this fight, spamming FoK all over the place. The gauntlet group is a tank, 2 heals, 2 mages to sheep, ele shaman and a warrior who can offtank in a pinch... and I think one extra DPS? The gauntlet group was almost always through the door mid-way thru the gauntlet or about the kill the guy in front of the door when the arena team all of the sudden gets completely overwhelmed.

I was in the gauntlet group, so my knowledge on how the arena team is failing is limited. People kept talking about getting obliterated by the hammers and the 4-5 healers (including both resto shamans) not being able to keep everyone up. I do know the Champions are being tanked off to the side a bit and focused down asap.

The gauntlet team has had its own issues, mostly with getting up the stairs past the mid-way door quickly and engaging the Ancient Rune Giant so more mobs don't spawn. The two mages and the shaman CC 3 of the adds and we kill the extra one asap, but then by the time we start getting the rest of them down the Rune Giant kills the tank. Oh course, thanks to the arena team failing, it's already a wipe by then anyway.

And all this fail occurs before the 3min hardmode timer has run out.

Is there something we're completely missing?

Edit: Thanks for the input everyone, I've given my guild some food for thought and some different options to try :)

Wow, these are good cookies!

New T7 gloves you want to test out after gemming and badging: 140 gold.

Guild run for fun and achievements of heroic Magister's Terrace: 50 silver in repair costs.

Going and hanging out in Stormwind and having someone screaming at you "WHY CAN'T I ATTACK YOU"? Priceless.

Some things cost gold. But for real fun, you can't get better than an [Orb of the Sin'Dorei].

(the title is a reference to the line 'Come to the Dark Side - we have cookies!')

Computer help for a clueless noob. =S

I'm looking to update my computer. I know nothing about computers, other than the fact that it's about 6 years old and is basically the minimum requirements for WoW as is. 4 FPS in 25s is .... not doing it for me anymore.

So I'm looking for suggestions of what I should be looking into for upgrades. Somewhere around 20 FPS in 25 mans with medium/low (but not lowest) settings would be ideal for me. How much RAM do I need, what kinds of video cards/processors should I be looking for? What are the minimum specs of a computer that would get this kind of a performance in a raid?

Thanks in advance!
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Maybe I missed the rants but....

I hate Children.....'s week ;) That one achievement about doing crap in the @#$%@) BG's....AV and AB are simple.....just get ahead of the others trying for it....I tried asking people if they were trying also, but (usually pallys) would rush towers/flag just because? No Orphan...just being a jerk.

EotS was lucky....full Alli side and Horde side had about 5 or 6...and they were going for the towers....we had 3 people with orphans and destroyed that EotS.....

....this leads me to WSG.../wrist

Being a clothie (shadow priest) who hates pvp in general (yes're a rogue/pally/DK and I don't pvp you win...go away) Everytime I was near the flag WITH the orphan out ....the same rogue would return the flag ....he/she was in my BG for about 5 straight tries...more than that and I'd go mad. ....I asked when starting if given the chance could someone allow me to return the replies.

I didn't have time to sit there for hours to wait for a WSG miracle...I did the GNERD rage one during the xmas thing because I had time off and besides...that one was simple. Blast AV...where the numbers are so large you can just follow the mobs.

Which brings me to the point (if I had one haha) chances for the Violet Proto Drake is screwed now...I enjoy achievements...few real rewards but still fun...otherwise WoW is feeling like an endless race where there seems to be increasingly more BS and drama....and besides its getting warm here and I don't wanna sit at the comp all the time.

Also....I thought the title of Patron would be pretty neat. I'm assuming others felt this way about doing 4 pvp things....hell 2 may have been bad enough...I never thought that there were too many DK's and Ret pallys before...but now I'm changing views...

But I guess some of the achievements are for those who have lots of time to play?

QQ time is over. heh. ...#76 mounts and getting to 100 is now so difficult. ...ok /QQ
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