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My thoughts on PvE servers.

With the test realm, i've had my first exprience with PvP under the PvE ruleset. I thought i'd share it here.

I always thought the idea behind the "normal" servers was that you could... i guess decide if and when you want to engage someone. So after banging my head against the 45 minute strat for a few hours, i decided to take a break and find some world PvP, cos it was alive and well from what i'd seen.
Okay so me and a friend who duo together alot decided to hang around flagged at light's hope. I've learned that mind visioning people seems to make them want to attack me for some reason. Anyway, we kill alot of people, some fun out-numbered fights until we notice no one is ressing anymore. I figure they're waiting for their PvP flag to go away. They then res, regen, rebuff, then this is the part that gets me.

A mage blows his trinket and arcane power and starts casting pyroblast, but the flag doesn't kick in until the cast ends. If he was flagged, i'd silence and dispell him, but he isn't, so instead i have to shield and hope for the best. Then i also notice there's an unflagged warlock casting soulfire too. Things look bleak. Soulfire crits, pyroblast and a fireblast land and i have been insta-gibbed with my crappy low HP, all without being able to do anything. So now i come back right away to res and remove the mage. At this point, all the people who were standing around for ages unwilling to flag, even though we were killing their allies infront of them and they outnumbered us 3-1 most of the time, suddenly jump in. The mage that got me goes down, and so do I and my partner in crime. At the final count before logging off, 2 people were being camped by 13 alliance. I only found 3 rogues though, so there may have been more.

My point is, although it's far from the first time i've had to log out dead with my tail between my legs, this is the first time i've actually been irritated/annoyed by PvP in this game. I thought PvE servers were meant to make PvP more user friendly for the average carebear, but i found it alot more unfair and frustrating than the good old PvP server. When you flag, you aren't saying "I want to participate in PvP", you're saying "I want everyone to get a free opening shot on me so i always start at a disadvantage".

I could never play full time on a PvE server, i'd be pulling my hair out and rerolling after a week.
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