Stranger in a strange land (outintospace) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Stranger in a strange land

Finally, progress

Well, after realizing that tier .5 would require tier 0, I decided to try to get as much of the Elements pieces from UBRS for my shaman before patch 1.10 hits. I had already purchased the belt and bracers, so I was batting 2 for 8. Last night I went to UBRS with my guild and a few pickups and lo and behold, the gloves dropped from Pyroguard.

I rolled an 11.

A freaking 11.

Imagine my surprise and glee when the other shaman rolled a 6. I couldn't believe it. Teamspeak was blowing up with laughter and cheers from my guild.

So I only need two more pieces from UBRS and then I never have to go there again.
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