Razorblade Kiss (thecrimsondrago) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Razorblade Kiss

Ha, unexpected NPC RP moments

So I was feeling a little bummed after doing the horde Onyxia chain, because I really like seeing NPC interaction, especially when dragons are involved. And as I'm sure every horde Ony attuned person here knows, there ain't nunnadat in the quest chain, whereas alliance gets the whole storming the keep, blahblahdragons. (Though turning into a dragonkin was fun, despite the fact that it was A) Male, and B) had no jumping graphics, so it was just a dragonkin floating for a second before plopping back down. Saved the necklace though.)

After a run tonight my guildmate and I were turning in some bijous, and for the record, I reeeally like the whole ZG questline, because I really like troll lore. And face it, that's as troll lorey as it gets.

I know, stupid, but watching the dialogue was pretty damn fun. ('specially since half of it was in troll, Nyahnyah!) Yay for unexpected NPC interaction!

And of course, in true "omfg we're fucking tired after an annoying ZG raid" fashion, all we did was shout "KILL THE FUCKER!!" through most of the exchange. I guess it's semi justified ICly 'cause we were both trolls though. Heh.

Also please notice my gloves are doing the now obligatory wierd puffy fucked up graphics thing.

Random, but hey. not everything has to be dire!
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