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Feeling Lucky?

SO europe is in full swing to get their wow installed. I on the other hand have to wait till 09.30 when the shop opens for my CE version and to start picking up the copies for family and friends who are at work or school.

One of the biggest issues there was with the CE though was the fact that european players can't get the pet like all the other regions. Actually we couldn't get the pet at all. Blizzard now asks us to send a letter through snailmail with proof of purchase of the CE and some account print out. And only than we can get our pet >.<

Naturally many players were a bit pissed... As for many of us we really liked the little pet and the ETA that we will be able to get from this point on is around 3 weeks and that is when we follow the guidelines and the post is in our favor. And thus Blizzard has decided to get us something for the pain.. not only we get 2 days of free play, we also get an additional pet, called Lurky the Murloc.

Oh Blizz sometimes I <3 you more than I like to admit. I wanted a pet murloc for ages now

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