fd (fordarkness) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

Do you give to beggers?

I was skimming the WoW forums and found a post about giving gold to begging players. Some people argued that we were all new once and gold is hard to come by at low levels, while others argued that we all had to start at 0 and work our way up. A few others also argued that just because someone is level 60 or higher doesn't mean they have an influx of gold... and even if they do, repairs on epics are costly. Some people did admit to giving money to people asking, but based it on what they were asking for or how they asked it, using their judgement and gut instinct to gauge if someone was telling the truth (such as someone saying they were just 2 silver short of getting their next bit of training or something).

Then last night while talking to my mom on the phone, she told me how she sold her bedroom set to a young couple for only $25 (she was asking around $500). While talking to them she found out that they had been living on the streets but had recently managed to get an apartment and were in the process of being treated for drug addiction. My mom is a pretty good judge of character and a bit of a softy, so she gave them a break and sold them several pieces of furniture for a good price (and also negotiated hiring the husband to help them load the moving truck).

This encounter with my mom reminded me of the people who will give out money or guidance to those people who are obviously new and / or trying. Heck, I think we've all been in dire straits and been just a wee bit short on cash at times (two guildies gave me 10 gold each when I was working my butt off towards my first mount because they saw the work I was putting into it and how long it was taking me).

So my question is... would you give gold or not? Are there some situations where you might? How do you handle beggers? What are some amusing interactions you've had with beggers? What about some sweet encounters? Have *you* ever begged for gold?

(I told off some silly git the other night when he shoved a guild charter in my face not once, but twice. The evening before he did that, he was /yelling in Darnassus begging for gold. Obviously he wanted it just to create a guild. I "politely" told him where he could stuff his guild charter while others informed him that he should learn to play before starting a guild.)
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