Chris Fury (isteillia) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Chris Fury

vista issues and something funny..

ok so my roomie installed wow, and everything went fine. She's running Vista on a Dell something- brand spanking new dell though.

when she plays it the screen flickers and goes black for three seconds every 15 seconds.

anyone know what's going on and what can be done to fix it??

and for something funny. My draenei noob hunter HATES water.

here she is after killing an owl kin-

and here she is in the water-

yeah. Aermiikielle HATES water. XD thought that was funny. she also doesn't have to be all the way in the water either- she's fine until I submerge her up to the shoulders- she can be in it up to her waist, and she fine. Get her in up to the shoulders, and she's all- DO NOT WANT.

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