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Does WoW ever make you feel... old?

This was a discussion I had with my friends over vent, but I'd be curious to see what others think:

With the advent of the new patch, they're making a lot of lower level changes. Don't get me wrong, I am freakin' thrilled. I've got three low level characters whom I plan to eagerly level because of these changes. However, it makes me wonder what future players of WoW will feel like, when they've got people who've been playing for a couple years and complain about 'back in my day, I had to grind levels, and 35-45 was the worst time ever, and to get my epic mount, I had to grind uphill, both ways, in the snow'. My friends and I were reminiscing, and feeling really eOld. So, do you remember when:

- Will of the Forsaken was permanent (Beta)
- ...and so was Unending Breath (also Beta)
- When you feared Silverpine Forest because of Sons of Arugal, the random level 26 elites in what's ostentiably a 14-20 zone. (Up until present)
- What being "Mor'ladim-d" meant. (Originally, he was a level 35~ elite, in a zone where everything was 18-26, if you pushed it, and had an abnormally large aggro-radius).
- When you knew why there was a Keymaster in Ironforge, that didn't seem to do anything. (In Beta, so that people could test Onyxia's Lair directly, they implimented a Keymaster)
- When Consecration was a 21 point talent in the Ret tree.
- When Holy Nova was a 31 point talent, with a cooldown.
- When you had to spec for Holy Fire.
- When Blessing of Kings was the 31 point Prot tree talent.
- When Hurricane was a 31 point Balance tree talent.
- ...that centered on yourself.
- ...and Barkskin didn't exist yet.
- When all you really wanted as a wee Troll was that Ivory Raptor.

Feel free to add your own!
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