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So, I know 2.3 did a lot of weird stuff... some of the changes were good, some of them were bad, but THIS ONE WAS UNCALLED FOR!

For those of you not familiar with Telaar and the NPCs therein, Warden Iolol was the guy to whom you'd turn in your Obsidian Warbeads for rep, as well as the Wanted: quests that led to Durn the Hungerer. I was passing through Telaar on my hunter just now and was turning in the "Message to Telaar" quest when erstwhile Iolol said that there were some new listings going up.... but it wasn't him! It was this "Warden Moi'bff Jill" impersonator!

Blizzard, you need to revert this change NOW, worst undocumented patch note EVER (AND I TOTALLY INCLUDE MY MOUNT'S BUTTCARPET IN THIS OMG)* U SUX BLIZZARD OMGWTFBBQ IMO.

* I actually am not a fan of the change, "Moi'bff Jill" is really pushing the limits of what you can do with NPC names, and Iolol at least sounded like it COULD be draenei/broken... but I'm not actually butthurt about it like I was about the assrugs and won't cry myself to sleep or cancel my account if it isn't reverted :P
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