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Molten Core 3-man

Take a Tier6 prot warrior (and his Kara-geared hunter alt), a Tier6 holy priest, a Tier4-ish feral druid (and her blue-geared mage alt).

Toss into Molten Core.

Shake well, ignoring the occasional cries of "ow, ow, bad firelord".

Edit, 29/12: fixed images by hosting them on my domain (please be nice to my bandwidth).

Also: hi, folks from WoWInsider!

Please, do stop insisting this never happened and/or we're not real people and/or we did it with 5 people in the raid.

1. Yes, indeed, this actually happened. I can post several dozen more screenshots as proof (including screenshots of the several wipes).

2. "These people had to have been on a private server, there's no characters with that name on" - welcome to the wonderful world of there being people who play World of Warcraft over in Europe, too. We're on Arathor EU.

Armory profiles, for the jaded:

- Aelìel the druid (me, in other words), and Amaranthine my mage alt

- Auralie the priest

- Tier the warrior, and Galdron his hunter alt

You're welcome to make an alt on the server and verify that we actually exist.

3. "There's 5 people in the screenshots!" - I detailed that in the original post (see below). Three people, three accounts, with occasional switching to alts to adjust for certain bosses' abilities. That's why in some screenshots there are four characters in the raid - we kept the alts in for the ease of switching.

In the specific:

- Lucifron: priest, druid, hunter (pet acting as a foil for the adds' mind control; the curse was dealt with by me shifting out of bearform to decurse when it got applied, and then shifting back in)
- Magmadar: priest, druid, hunter (because we were there, really; hunter also occasionally tranq-shotted Magmadar's Frenzy, I believe - I didn't exactly check, I was too busy trying to avoid getting feared into conflags)
- Gehennas: priest, mage, warrior (itty bitty feral druid mana pool + curse needing removed immediately = disaster, so I couldn't quite have tanked that particular fight - so the warrior tanked it, and I decursed / DPS'd as a mage... as it was, I ended up having to chain mana potions to keep on top of it; we failed once due to me getting shadowbolted right after running out of rain of fire)
- Garr to Golemagg: priest, mage, warrior (because we were there, really - did it all in one clear, one-shotted the lot of them)
- Sulfuron to Ragnaros: priest, druid, warrior (for pretty obvious reasons; large amounts of adds meant we wanted two tanks)

Also, we killed Razorgore in BWL as well.

Boredom was what led us to Molten Core, really. That, and curiosity. "I wonder how far we could get if we tried to three-man MC?"

Turns out the answer is "Quite a lot further than we thought possible".

The first time we went, after some lengthy arguments with trash packs and even more lengthy arguments with Lucifron himself (Mind control + Lucifron's curse = ow), we managed to kill a boss!

One down, several to go...

Of course, since we'd gotten that far, we figured we might as well kill a certain overgrown puppy as well:

Still a pushover

Then the weekly instance reset came before we went any further with it. So we figured we'd go back the week after, see if we could kill a few more bosses, although we all had our doubts.


After killing Luci and Mag again, we change group composition to deal with boss abilities (out goes the hunter alt, in goes the warrior main; out goes the druid main, in goes the mage alt) and keep going.

*run run run* *decurse decurse decurse* *run run run* "Ow, rain of fire hurts" *decurse decurse dec... oh, look, it's dead*

I even managed to do some damage inbetween the decursing!

"My, this one surely has a big family."

Garr forces one of his Firesworn minions to erupt!

"Yeah, and lots of family hatred."

Garr forces one of his Firesworn minions to erupt!

"And selective blindness, and lack of realization he ran out of family to explode ten minutes ago."

It was an act of mercy, honest.

"Bah, no binding!"

"Well" goes the warrior "I already have Garr's, but I never got Geddon's."

"Can we pull him without clearing lava packs?"

Looks like we can.

Reaction = priceless.

After spending a few minutes dancing around in glee, we grab a lava pack, realize we shouldn't really have worried so much about them (though firewalkers still = ow), and kill a few more. Then we grab Shazzrah.

Pfft, pushover.

At that point, we're tired, so we figure we'll clear up to Golemagg's bridge, jump down, and have a go at him before hearthstoning out. (Lazy people who can't be bothered clearing much? Us? Nahhhh. Never. Honest.)

Whoops, he fell over.

We take a few days off to relax, get our tank his Thunderfury, and such, then start thinking about going back. We weren't particularly sure we could kill anything else, since even Sulfuron is of the "entirely too many adds" boss variety, but hey, still have a few days left on the reset, we might as well try, no? Out goes the mage alt, in comes the feral druid again (since we figured we'd need two tanks), and off we go.

Pull once, *squish* goes the group. Too many dots, too many adds, too much of everything.

Pull twice, rearranging who does what, and when the dust clears, we realize we'll have to wait a bit...

Zzzzz... oh, it's over?

...because none of us expected we'd get this far, so we didn't particularly bother dousing the runes. *cough*

So, a few hours and several quintessences later...

The runes of warding have been destroyed! Hunt down the infidels, my brethren!


"So umm... how do we do this?"

"Umm, split adds, umm, er... ah what the hell, let's pull and see."

*pull* *squish* *pull* *squish* *pull* *fastest squish ever*

*pull, damnit*


Squish, damnit.

Well, hell. We got this far, let's go take a look at Ragnaros. Might as well, though we won't last long.

(Forgive me the gratuitous "ooh, pretty, let me take a pic" screenshot.)

Behold Ragnaros - the Firelord! He who was ancient when this world was young!

After having a few tries, we realize that we won't get very far without a timer for the knockbacks, and besides we really should go to sleep - so we call it for the night morning, deciding we'll come back "on Tuesday".

(Yes, Christmas day Tuesday. Though technically, it was already the 26th when we went back, so nyah.)

So today, we clear to Ragnaros, realize we've forgotten (even though we've all raided MC pre-TBC) that you need to kill Majordomo again to get Ragnaros to respawn, curse, clear to Majordomo, die on Majordomo thanks to server lag, kill Majordomo, clear to Ragnaros again.

Try, it's going well, but goes to hell somewhere around the second phase of sons.

Try again, it's going well, but goes to hell somewhere... well, somewhere.

Try again, it's going very well... goes to hell. 66%. Goddamnit.

Try again, because we're stubborn, with a different positioning. Goes to hell right from the start - sons chewing on various people (mostly the priest), all three of us taking repeated lava baths and knockbacks, the warrior getting somehow wedged in a rock at the start of a sons phase... anything you can think of that could go wrong, did. At one point we all have in the neighborhood of 800 hitpoints.

And we survive.

47 minutes, several broken weapons and entirely too many waves of sons later...

At the long, long last.


To sum up? This was fun. Incredibly satisfying, very challenging (figuring out how to deal with each boss was, at times, not easy), and definitely much more fun than it used to be at 60.

(cross-posted to wow_ladies)
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