sailoreagle (sailoreagle) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

Razorgore 3-man

So we 3-manned Molten Core.

And then we started thinking - what else could we 3-man?

BWL? Nah, Razorgore's adds would eat us alive, we won't have the time to destroy all eggs... ahh, what the hell, let's try anyway.

Warrior on adds, priest on healing, druid on controlling. (Took us a few tries to settle on that.)

We keep dying around 15 eggs or so - the adds get out of control and go chew on the priest, pound him into the ground, then finish chewing up the warrior, and that's that. If only we could keep the priest alive...


"Say, can you die within 30yd range of me?"



*keep going*

After a while longer...

"So how many eggs are left?"

"Umm... three."

21 seconds later...


11 minutes (and quite a few muttered "oh please let's not screw this up now please" type sentences) later...


I wonder if we can 3-man Vaelastrasz. If we can figure out a way of living through Burning Adrenaline, we probably can, but I don't know if that's possible.

But then again, we thought the same thing about Razorgore and his adds...

Edit, 29/12: fixed images by hosting them on my domain (please be nice to my bandwidth).

(cross-posted to wow_ladies)
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