Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Hey, Viking guy

Oh god finally...

After so much pain and hardship I finally did it.
Bómbshell & Hexenmeister dinged 70.

With UI

Without UI

And back in Shattrah once I had gotten changed into my new Level 70 gear

So, now to finish getting money for mount, Gear up, PVP, Go to the Sunwell, respec and all that...

So, in hindsight, was it faster for me to dual-box two toons to 70 rather than just do one at the time? Yes and no.
If I had just levelled the priest it would have been a piece of cake to do it just by instancing (Especially 65 and up) whereas DPS is everywhere so there was a lot less demand for the lock.

However, in terms of just grinding and questing, that was definitely faster than if I had done it one toon at a time. Well, it seems that way anyway...
And now onwards to the money grind...

And of course I had to ding 70 by killing a boar :-D
And I was dressed properly for the occasion in a Tux.
And making sure they both dinged at the same time took a bit of timing...
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