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So, I'm a scrub...

A friend linked me an article, Playing to Win, that's been on my mind ever since I read it. It doesn't specifically refer to WoW, but it is commentary on competitive gaming using PvP in Street Fighter as an example. It's an old article, so perhaps many of you have read it already.

Regardless, according to this article I'm a "scrub", which probably explains a lot of the mentality I've received from hardcore arena players even though I consider myself a career PvPer. I don't take offense to that fact and I have no problems admitting the playstyle I find enjoyable does not include high end competition, which I find stressful and not fun. I don't pay $15/mo. to not have at least some form of contentment with what I'm doing.

I admit, I do find a lot of things in PvP "cheap" mainly because not every class has a counter to it. As we all know, WoW is not balanced around 1v1 PvP and the term "anti-class" exists for a reason. It's for this reason I don't put much stock in arenas, especially 2v2s and to a slightly lesser extent 3v3s. They're mostly based around the overpowered classes du jour and their subsequent cookie cutter teams.

According to the article you're a scrub if you play for fun, which I find interesting. I played arenas with my friends and I think we actually got down to about a 1300 rating or thereabouts because we had one of the worst composed 5v5s known to man with a full 10 man roster we switched around based on whoever happened to be online. Now, in WoW terms that means I suck at PvP because the 'thing to do' is armory someone and then ridicule their gear, team and rating, which doesn't always do much to reflect actual skill. It's kind of frustrating that's become the bar by which to measure someone's PvP prowess, but regardless...

Then there are the mods. A friend and I were discussing the fact that some of the current mods, including ones that allow you to queue dodge and even see what classes/specs (and their gear) you're facing before you even have visual of the players, doesn't seem fair. The article would suggest these are self-constructed mental rules we've put in place, which is fine. I am very mod light because I've had bad experiences with game performance and multiple mods in the past, so I try to run as 'cleanly' as possible to avoid any issues. This puts me at a severe disadvantage and I accept that. It doesn't change the fact that I don't believe fights are particularly fair if each party isn't equal in their advantages but, yes, that's my fault for not utilizing every resource available to me by choice and makes me a scrub.

All in all, yeah, I PvP mostly for fun so I'm a scrub. Every PvP goal I've ever had has either been superficial (mount) or gear related (as a feral druid in particular it's been necessary to PvP for gear). I just kind of resent when people treat me like a n00b PvPer (after 3 years of it, heh) based almost predominantly on the facts that I'm not hardcore into arena (playing arena unfriendly specs and bad class combos hasn't helped cultivate any interest in them) and prefer 60s PvP before gear discrepancies become such an issue.
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