Rufus Honker IV (rufushonkeriv) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Rufus Honker IV

Thought on Warrior Commanding Shout.

Does anyone else find Commanding Shout a little useless in general use? I don't raid - it might come in more handy there - but I've always found it a little annoying. You have to remember to keep applying it every two minutes, which I often forget - plus you need rage to cast it, meaning you need to build some up through bloodrage or fighting to cast it.  It only ups the maximum HP, not actually healing - making it pointless in soloing.   The least they could do is bump up the duration a little - pally buffs are ten minutes, and even that seems short.

Personally, I think they should change Challenging Shout or add a different talent that could be more helpful. I was thinking a shout that puts the effects of Last Stand on nearby party members (not necessarily the Warrior themselves), to give the Warrior a little more time to snag aggro or hold things for the healer to get his stuff together.

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