the man in the back (bubbly_orbo) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
the man in the back

Attention Moon Guard!

Tuar Annwn will be hosting another Booty Bay Ball (cross-faction server wide RP event) the first saturday of May. However, to be able to continue on this tradition, we need help from the community.

We are in need of gold to help pay for food, drinks and contest prizes for the Ball.

This is where YOU come in.

I am hosting another Date Auction to help gather the funds to make our next BBB a reality! Ten of Tuar Annwn's finest (including my Aelandra) will auctioned off for an enjoyable evening together! (The evening (time and date) and activities are up to the winning bidder and auctionee.) The proceeds will go towards paying for the Ball as I mentioned earlier.

The Date Auction will be held on Friday, April 25th, in Silvermoon City (Farstrider's Square) at 9pm server.

Not only is this a great chance to forge new IC relationships, but a chance to help Tuar Annwn be able to host more BBBs in the future! Please help us keep these events alive!

Changes from our last Date Auction:

-Women and men will both be featured!
-Members of Tuar Annwn are forbidden to bid unless there are no bids coming in.

Thank you for your time!


Edit: Brackets ftl. XD

Edit edit: Added time.
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