Rufus Honker IV (rufushonkeriv) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Rufus Honker IV

An odd Real Life World of Warcraft related experience.

My sister in-law invited us over for a "May the First" party yesterday.

I ran into a friend of hers who I hadn't seen for a while, and we're watching our kids run around the yard we start to talk about video games. While he's talking about Playstation 3, I say we don't have a Next Gen system - World of Warcraft takes up most of our game time. He says "Oh, my friend is REALLY into that, just a second!"  He proceeds to call his friend and starts talking to this player. He's trying to tell each other our character's names, etc - as if that matters if you don't know what realm.. Finally, disregarding all my nonverbal cues that talking to this person is not really necessary nor asked for, he shoves the cellphone at me.

I talk to the person a bit, and he starts telling me what server he's on and mentions the name of the guild he's in, which is entirely gabled on this cellphone I'm talking on.  "Have you heard of them?" he asks me.  I reply that no, I haven't.  He starts talking about the Battle of Hyjal and I mention that I've done Gruuls but don't really have much time to raid.  Finally, not really wanting to talk World of Warcraft at the moment (and meaning no disrespect to the person I was talking to), I said I had to chase kids and had to go.  I handed the phone back to the person who called in the first place.

Later, after telling the story to my wife I jokingly mention that maybe I should have pulled the normal ingame weaseling-out-of-a-conversation line "Wait a minute, in combat", but she said that when I said I had to chase my kids he ought to have asked me to set myself on follow. :)
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