Long Ears, Longer Lasting (cyanrose) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Long Ears, Longer Lasting


Less that 10% away from hitting the final stretch of levels. Yep, 60 is within reach!

But I did it a way some people would be tilting their heads and going wtf.

I have yet to hit Outlands, because I've been having fun in Hearthglen. Yep, I said it. But before you jump on me on how the exp and gold aren't worth it there, lemme tell you the fun I've been having:

- Managed to snag an Orb of Deception and make 700g off it on the AH
- TONS of Rich Thorium and making BANK with this on my server
- XP/hr is amazing when on this PvP server, not a soul comes up here so it's like my own personal location
- In a couple hours last night, grinded Lv 58 completely and 80% of my way to 60, AoE grinding woot

So yar, any other people enjoy hanging in Azeroth just a little longer quite fun? :D

Note: Sorry I missed the Screenshot post this week, mega busy! I'll have one next Monday for sure.

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