לאה שרה (itslily) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
לאה שרה

Coding Addon Help

I don't have much experience coding add ons at all, but my request doesn't sound difficult -- In theory.

I am interested in editing a mod, or finding a mod like bigwigs to include a few custom timers. Honestly, it could be as simple as a 30 second timer that just refreshes every 30 seconds, with the ability to change the amount of time. It doesn't need to announce or do much like bigwigs, I just need something that would countdown to a certain point.

At 60, I remember some part of CTRaid had a built-in similar thing where you could start and stop a timer and rename it to something, then use that timer indefinitely.

If anyone knows of an add on that allows for custom timers, or has any resources for coding such an add on or advice...I'd be forever indebted to you. :)
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