Rufus Honker IV (rufushonkeriv) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Rufus Honker IV

Ramble about frustration with family in WoW.

I've been helping my mother and stepfather (60's agewise, I'm mid 30's) through instances on Friday nights since Zul'Farrak. They're leveling very slowly, but they recently made it to Outland.  We use the ingame voice, and we're very pleased with it.

Despite my suggestion that they drop all Azeroth quests because there will be quests aplenty in Outland I kept running into issues with them as I took them through quests. My stepfather was perpetually running out of inventory space and asking my mother to hold things for him. This was a little annoying, as my wife and I had pulled together mats to make them each three netherweave bags because we know how having a limited capacity is. It wasn't limited to that, either. In Outland questing, several times we had to stop while he hemmed and hawed over his quest log to abandon another quest to take on an Outland one.

Worst was when I took the two of them to Stratholme to pick up the Holy Water's for my Stepfather's Pally mount questline. This was specifically to get things for him. And he ran out of inventory space ON THE FIRST STORAGE BOX HE LOOTED. So he asks me if I will hold some things for him. He hands me a stack of bronze bars. At level 59, carting around bronze bars in his pack. I know how things are as an engineer, but this is something he could have left in the bank.

On my next visit to see my Parents IRL (a few blocks away from me), my Stepfather was out, and I mentioned the inventory issue to my mother. She sighed and told me he rarely puts anything in the AH and never bought any of the extra bag slots in his bank - they cost money. She logged his Pally in and let me look through his packed bags. I opened up his questlog to see these important Azeroth quests he was so reluctant to abandon. There were FIVE grays. One of them was Reclaiming the Charred Vale, a level 20 quest... he's by a 59.  When I asked my Stepfather about it later, he said he had made progress on those quests and didn't want to lose that progress. 

I did the Triage quest for my mother while I was there. (That thing's hard even for the nimble-fingered player, and my mother uses the keyboard only as much as she can), I pointed out that she didn't really need an ammo pouch filled with over 1000 ammo on her warrior, but she said she didn't want to run out.

I shouldn't be too hard on my parents - being 60 isn't quite OLD yet, but they ain't exactly spring prairie chickens either. Still, it can be frustrating at times.  They really do like the game (they've like video games for years, themselves), I'm just trying to help them get to have one character apiece at 70 so they can give me a hand on things and can get gold from dailies and quests rather than myself.  They both have a pretty bad case of Alt-itis and could use their own cash-makers.

They may be noobs, but they're my noobs.  :D
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