Matt Hemler (technophobia) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Matt Hemler

"Incidental RP", and a request.

So, I have a (somewhat odd) request, but to preface it, some actual WoW-related content.

So my roots are in D&D and other tabletop RPGs, and several of my good friends from tabletopping were actually the ones to get me into WoW. I play on Elune, which is a normal PvE server. And lord knows I look at some of the dreck that passes for "roleplaying" on RP servers and just shake my head.

However, every so often, something comes up that engages me in what I have come to call "incidental RP". A situation that just cries out for a silly little bit of roleplaying, even if it's just to give yourself a laugh.

For example:
-My fiancee's warlock had a very embarrassing Death By Parrot in the Deadmines. And so, she now goes out of her way to slaughter any and all parrots she sees. Whether it's running a lowbie through Deadmines, or the critters in Un'Goro, she makes a beeline for them.

-I have a gnome rogue based off a character in a D&D story hour that I used to enjoy reading. His schtick in the campaign was that he had a series of feats that meant enemies would ignore him until he started whaling away on them. The RP consequence was that the rest of the party tended to ignore him too, in often hilarious fashion. Anyways, Priggle is a brilliant gnomish engineer. When I was in Terrokar doing the "Someone set us up the bomb" chain while leveling, there is a part where you deliver a set of parts to a tauren druid, who's like "huh, wonder what these are". So I, of course, /say "Ooh, ooh, I know, I know. Silly cow man, I am an engineer, I know exactly what they are. ...why won't anyone LISTEN to me?"

-Another one with the rogue. Being an engineer, he naturally has a HUGE crush on K. Lee Smallfry (I'm a huge fan of Firefly, and have a bit of a crush on Jewel Staite). So one day he is fishing in Zangarmarsh when he gets this. So when he comes up to K. Lee to turn in the quest, I /said, "Um...I brought you something..." No flowers for this geek love!

Anyways, I was just curious if other people from the same sort of old-school RPG background occasionally do the same thing.

And now, the other request. I've seen an icon that cracks me up, and I seem to recall it being in this community. It has a pair of Pokemon with the cake from Portal. One of the Pokemon says "so i herd u liek cake" and then the other one says "F*ck yeah cake!" in an animated .gif. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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