fd (fordarkness) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

The state of heroic badges

Badge of Justice... oh how I hated you when I was crying for new gear and you were so hard to get. How I hate you now that you keep showing up and stacking into my bank slots when there's nothing I need.

I'm at 300 Badge of Justices and still counting. Yet, I can't find anything at a badge vendor that is an upgrade. I've either bought the upgrades or have something better from MH/BT. Epic gems? Have 10 uncut gems (red, yellow and orange) sitting in my bank for the "in case" I get an upgrade. I stopped rolling on the gems that fall in our raids just because I can't justify taking another gem and sticking it in my bank to sit there. I used some badges to buy nethers/vortexes for crafted gear for my alts, but there's only so much to make for them.

So I'm sitting here staring at the badges and plotting my long-term use for them.

Obviously, the expansion isn't going to bring in new badge vendors that we can use these for. There will likely be a new reward system in place. Old badges will still be useful with existing vendors, but for a T6 raider, the gear won't be useful. Epic level 70 gems will probably still be around and used for your intro raiding gear, but chances are they'll be replaced pretty quick too.

I'm debating liquidating my badges into gems, nethers and vortexes and selling them on the AH. Of course, there's the issue of "how soon is too soon" and "what if the patch puts in some new vendor items", along with "I need to get the items out on the market before it becomes flooded and no one wants them due to the imminent release of the LK expansion"!

So, a few questions, looking for some ideas, thoughts, etc.

Does anyone have an idea if the badge vendors are going to get new items that may be of use for a T6 raider, between now and the release of the LK?

How soon would you look at selling epic gems, vortexes and nethers on the AH?

What other plans do you have in mind for badges since they're probably going to be of little use once the expansion comes out?

(One thing I think I will do is buy 5 epic blue gems for my warrior as she gears up a bit more, plus do some research into craftable gear for my priest for when she hits 70 and purchase/put aside the items she needs for those as well, but that's still going to leave me with a wack load of badges and I get at least 20 a week due to raids and the random heroic! I really need to run heroics more on my alts so they can benefit from excess badges... my hunter definitely does *not* need more of them!)
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