Paul Michael Kerry (xalit) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Paul Michael Kerry

Novelty Macro

Yesterday I had the most fun in Kara I've had in a good while. For quite some time I make it my mission to get through the instance without drinking (which is rough when I'm gemmed entirely for haste, trigger happy on the heals, and we never get SPs in there these days). Usually this involves spamming Water Shield a great, great deal for the little packets of 50 mana for each cast.

Yesterday, I also happened to write a little macro that counts spell casts. 2-3 hour Kara... 1678 casts of Water Shield. I dread to think how many times I pressed the button because, yeah, I'm a spammer. What my guildies loved, I'm sure, was the little message in /s every 10 casts!

Anyway, for those who care, here is the macro

/cast Water Shield
/run i="Water Shield" if ws==nil then ws=0 end t=GetSpellCooldown(i) if t==b then else c=0 end b=GetSpellCooldown(i) if b==t and c==0 then ws=ws+1 if mod(ws,10)==0 then SendChatMessage("+50!.. ""x","SAY") end c=1 end

I think I know how it works but, truth be told, at some point during building/testing the macro, I realised it was doing what I wanted - so I quit while I was ahead.

It is probably relatively obvious how to change the macro to work for other spells (replace the two instances of "Water Shield" with your spell of choice). The format of the output message looks a bit garbled, but it isn't too tricky to change what it says, or to which channel it is put into.

Ho hum. Macros are still definitely the way I see myself staying entertained with the game until LK!
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