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Black Market -RP Event

The Black Market
War is very much a reality for our people. Living, undead, Horde, or Alliance we all face conflict, and now we must brave the North. The Horde now must arm itself against a foe, the likes they have not faced in many years. Once more the Black Market is opening its doors, but this time for a greater cause. (THIS IS AN RP EVENT)

Date: Jan 24th, 2009 a Saturday.
Time:  Contact for details.
Faction: Horde, Alliance players are welcome to attend on their lowbies/rerolls. No pvp.
Location: The Undercity, rogue quarters. The vacant half of the Rogue quarters, where the empty vendor stalls are located. This is the same location as last year’s Black Market.
Server: Steamwheedle
Contact: Banshih

Crafters: Alexiel (Tailoring), Urt (Blacksmith),Plaguewalker (Jewelcrafting), Bdullah (Alchemy), Leiwin (Enchanting), Rikora (Engineering), Banshih (Leatherworking). Every crafter is lvl 80, with their profession maxed out.

OOC Summary: This is a crafting event, which offers the rp community free leveling and rp gear/items. Crafting services will be available to -ALL- level of players. There is a limited supply of FREE crafting materials for the public. Once supplies run out, players will need to provide their own materials. Free crafting requests need to be reasonable: i.e. we will not provide a free mongoose enchant for a lvl 4 character/weapon “because it looks cool”. Reasonable RP gear requests are acceptable.

Crafters reserve the right to deny players services. If a crafter does not have the materials to create an item, it is the player responsibility to provide the material. Crafters do not have a supply of exotic crafting materials; crafters have a supple of standard mats (bolts of cloth, ore, standard herbs, etc).

RP: Please stay and mingle, and meet other players. There will be a number of rp waiters walking around, and a possible surprise mini Crashin' Thrashin' Racer contest. This is a server event, and will have many players and guilds in attendance.

Raffle: There is a free of cost raffle. The raffle is a give away 2 scrolls of mongoose, to players who can properly make use of this enchant. I.e. a level 5, and a mage would not be able to enter the raffle. A lvl 80 rogue/warrior/melee class would. These scrolls have been provided by Zamboozle.

Primary player sponsors: Megid, Kugath, Zamboozle, Rikora, Stabbikins, Mahor, Alexiel, Mahryna, Ryutan, Bdullah, Tungusken, Freznar, Surrigor, Abriona, Quakalak, Jacquelinne, Tazdangor, Alek, Kazuul, Erindil, Kyona, Groshtora, Rayil, Angellis, Odileocta, Urt

Secondary sponsors: Arnost, Shigue, Sacei, Avasa, Dayari, Victoria

Special thanks: Thank you to all the staff, and players who helped make the New Years Gala a huge success! The  Gala event helped to raise  funds over 10k gold/mats for the Black Market! THANK YOU!
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