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Sisters Tour

The newest tour is up and online.
Sisters Tour -  

What is this project? This LJ is a documentary, one dedicated to touring the various rp servers of the World of Warcraft. This project is dedicated to capturing my perspective as a 'new player, on a new server, looking for rp'. What will be posted here, is a screenshot diary of my travels, exploits, and the strange things I encounter as a new player, to a server. There are some adult themes in this journal, however everything in the journal is found in actual game play.

A tour is not a review of a server. I am not reviewing or rating servers. I am just touring. What I see and encounter is purely random.

Other servers tours:
Moon guard  
Blackwater Raiders  
Argent Dawn  

My rules are simple:
1)I do not provoke unusual reactions/rp. No trolling, baiting, griefing, etc.
2)I do not create the rp situations, but I will react when presented/confronted with an rp situation. I will rp walk.
3)Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot.
4)I visit at least 2 location per faction to get a slightly more rounded view (Goldshire/Stormwind, Brill/Silvermoon)
5)With the bad, I will mention something good.
6)Nothing will be faked, I will not pose in the images, create rp profiles, or create falsehood for better or worse.
7)I will not rp as a character deserving of any special reactions (like a *!@@*, a child, etc).
8)I will try and tour all rp servers, around the same time of day.
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