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Laura Gallagher

Homer's Iliad - World of Warcraft crossover

So today I was emailing back and forth with my spouse, who's a protection specced warrior who enjoys tanking but has been finding the 25 man raids have excess tanks. He's being invited to respec fury and come dps, but wonders about things like using his DSK bids for tank gear. He said
The flip side is that it'd be stupid to play Achilles-in-the-tent waiting for a chance to tank when there's actually a need for a fury warrior in the group. Which is why I'm making titansteel and reading up on fury specs. Also keeping an eye out for dps plate drops, not that there were any last night.
I told him I thought that was a great phrase for it, playing Achilles-in-the-tent, and he came back with:
That was a phat lewt dispute, wasn't it? Discounting the theory that he'd actually fallen in love with her . . . which could make for a nice historical novel but doesn't seem to match his character too well.

The muse has struck:

Achilles was a Fury Warrior in the Achaeans guild. They were raiding Troy when a really rare non-combat pet dropped. Achilles bid all his DKP and pointed out that he'd maxed the DPS meters for the fight, but the GM had it on master looter and took it for himself. So Achilles /gquit and sat around in Ironforge not running any instances at all. After that the guild wiped on Troy over and over until Achilles' best bud Patrocles got fed up, deleted his character, and rerolled Horde. Then Achilles came back, maxed the DPS meters on the Hector fight, and teabagged that boss for like forever.

It's a strange muse.
I was giggling!
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