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What does overheal mean these days? Something? Nothing? I've seen a couple of places say it's nothing and should have died w/ BC. But it seems to me, that lots of overhealing would be bad, especially if you're running out of mana. Even if you aren't, it would seem that it means you're reacting badly and timing heals badly. I also realize that it's different for different classes. I'm a druid, so it's artifically lower for me, as hots don't heal anything past full. Hell, our shadowpriest has more overheal then I do. ;P

I am curious because one of our priests does a ton of overheal. We just started raiding naxx as a guild (lots of our guildies have been pugging it), and the better geared of the two healing priests just respecced DPS so if he ends up coming as DPS on Friday then it'll be me and the overhealing priest. Meters aren't everything (or even that much) for healers, but he's always lower then I am, but top on overheal. I don't play a priest, or understand overheal, so I've no idea if this'll be a problem or not for us come Friday. It's only our 3rd run, but last week we cleared 3 wings and didn't wipe once on a boss till we got to Grobbulus (I think we don't have the DPS yet to get him down before he starts injecting us faster then we can lay down the clouds and get back to what we were doing.).
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