Sky T (ladyelysium) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Sky T

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Latest Patch

Is anyone else having problems?

There are three of us, all in the same room, trying to download the new patch but we each have individual problems.

Computer One has downloaded the patch, but when it goes to install an error pops up. Screenshot behind cut.

Computer Two still have 15+ hours left until the download has finished (could be the PC's fault, but still, 15hrs?!)

Computer Three, upon log in (to initiate the DL) says "Patch Failed to Install" and then WoW closes... It's not even downloaded, so why the "install" error?

Soooooooooooo frustrating! :(

ETA: I got it working. I ran the install as "Administrator" and it went right through. This is a Vista problem apparently. Anyone having that 70% error, try and run the program as Admin :]
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