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ItemRack and dual spec

I've played with both Outfitter and ItemRack; of the two I find that I prefer ItemRack. Its only downside is the somewhat glacial update speed.

This becomes an annoyance when you start trying to make switching gear & talent specs as painless as possible!

The first thing I tried was a really simple macro:

/itemrack equip Resto
/usetalents 2

Whilst that works, it falls down with items which require a talent to equip - eg going from resto to dual wield - which mean needing to hit the button twice (luckily /usetalents for a spec you're already in is a no-op). Unfortunately you can't swap the order over due to the cast time of /usetalents.

Enter in Events for ItemRack; specifically using lua based ones. To set this up, do the following:

  1. Open up the ItemRack configuration
  2. Select the Events tab
  3. Select "New"
  4. Put in a suitable name for the event - eg "Talent Swap"
  5. Select an event type of "Script"
  6. The event trigger to use is ACTIVE_TALENT_GROUP_CHANGED
  7. Click the Editor button
  8. Use the following LUA code; replace SetForPrimaryTalents with the name of the gear set you want for the primary talent set; same for secondary.
    local talentGroup = GetActiveTalentGroup()
    if talentGroup == 1 then
    elseif talentGroup == 2 then
  9. Test by using the "Test" button on the editor - one trick here is to be in your primary talent tree, but have your secondary set on. When you hit "test" it should change sets.
  10. Click Update on the editor
  11. Click Save
ItemRack dual spec event

This means that it'll change over your sets when the talents have changed - I've used this to go from a dual wield enhance spec and back to a resto on with no problems using ItemRack 2.243. I still used the macros for the /usetalents though - a single button press to change spec and gear is useful!

The end result of steps 1 to 9 above can be seen to the left; click through for a full size version.

Its likely that an update to ItemRack which supports Dual Spec directly will mean the removal of the above - but given the speed at which ItemRack updates come in at....

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