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Changing Keybindings Mid-Stream

So, I have a problem with my keybindings. I'm not sure if it accounts for ALL of my recent problems, but I know it's a major part of why I've stopped being as competitive with the rest of my guild's DPS.

My apologies in advance for the pictures (especially the terrible-looking hands lol).

So, this is my button set-up:

As you can see, there's not a whole lot of binding. For the most part, I'm fine with that, because my major buttons are bound, and it's only the occasional-use ones that I end up clicking. Some things I'd like to bind that aren't (thunderstorm, pvp trinket, my engi belt and boots would be good starters), but I can't really find a good bind for them, so I just leave them as-is (that's why my PvP trinket is so large... I'm on a PvP server and being camped as we speak by a prot warrior from My Little Pwny. I thought they had finally died out, but apparently not. I get really angry and frustrated when I'm in PvP situations not of my choosing, so the bigger the button is, the less likely I am to miss it because I'm nerdraging too hard :P wtb my guild, but on a pve server... pst.)

ANYWAY. As you can see, there's not a whole lot there. What I actually have bound looks like this:

So far so good, yea? I rebound 0 and - to be t and y on pretty much all of my characters, and the default strafe and turn keys are swapped (I do a lot of holding down W or A and turning with the mouse, a sort of bizarre combination of keyboard turning and actual mouse movement).

So, my hand tends to rest on my keyboard like so:

with my ring finger on 2 (LB), my middle on 4 (EM), and my index on 6 (LHW/CH). My thumb stays pretty much on the space bar all the time (I never managed to beat the habit of jumping to cancel spells, though I do strafe sometimes nowadays and lose less dps time that way), and my pinkie generally only strafes me left and holds down shift.

(note: the samwise face is my on-use trinket macro when I have an actual on-use trinket. I just don't have one so I used the most readily available icon lol)

The big problem I'm having is that my ring finger does so much: 1, 2, 3, forward, backward. Back in TBC it was a minor problem but nothing major, as I only had two buttons I really had to press in my rotation (lightning bolt and chain lightning), so if my ring finger got tired, I could just move my whole hand over and start hitting it iwth something else for a while. That doesn't work when I have to add my 3 (flame shock) and 5 (lava burst) into the mix, nevermind if I'm on interrupts or purges or whatever.

My finger is tired, and it's really beginning to show. I can't hit my LB as much as I could before because it just starts hurting too much, and my performance suffers as a result. I think it's time I took my main ability off my ring finger's duty roster, but I'm not sure where to put it. I was thinking either binding it to the scroll wheel (and then I'd have to get used to holding down shift or something to actually zoom in or out), or swapping CL and LB with LHW/CH and HW, since I'm not a resto shaman.

The big problem is, how do I teach myself my new key set-up? I've got so much time spent on my shaman with this key set-up, how do I train myself to get used to something else, without further impacting my raid performance? Anyone had a similar problem, and found ways to cope?
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