Daniel R Wright (m0rtis) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Daniel R Wright

Question: Should more guilds require Authenticators for GBank access?

In the recent times, where account hacks are seemingly increasing again, should more guilds (especially ones with a lot of gold and items worth a lot in total) restrict who gains Bank access (such as officers) to those who have an authenticator on their account?

Now that authenticators are in stock again, and there's Mobile apps (iphone, itouch and other phones) available, authenticators are easier than ever to get.

From an officer's point of view, we have to consider the overall security of a guild and who can access those resources. This starts with promoting people you trust. But trust is not always enough, as key logging programs can be executed on computers of the most trustworthy players. Is it too much to ask that these players secure their account beyond just the typical password security?

I'm curious to see opinions on this. Personally, I dont think it's too much to ask, as I've seen people who swore they'd never get hacked in the long and lengthy process of getting their account, gear, etc. Then also sometimes having to beg to come back to a guild after the fact. Not to mention the process the Guild Masters have to go through to get gold and guild items back.

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