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Christian Velásquez Pañganiban

Blizzard at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle

Did any of you go to PAX in Seattle this year? This was my first time going and had a blast.

Blizzard had their own area and I made my way up there so I could play a demo of WoW:Cataclysm. It was awesome! I made both Worgen & Goblin mages and played around for a bit. I think I like Worgens though, especially when they transform! But Goblins have fancy bells and whistles too.

As you may know, everything was in its early stages; I wasn't able to create female versions of these toons and they didn't have any animated emotes like /lol and /dance.

I put some pics in the LJ-CUT.

On another note, I attended a panel by Bill Amend who is the creater of the Foxtrot comic strip. If you've never read the strip, he incorporates a lot of nerd/geek themes, WoW being one of them. He spent some time talking about that. He was quite proud of his orc shammy (thus eliciting cheers from horde players) and talked about his guildies on Vent (apparently one of them is the creator of Penny Arcade, I think). He also mentioned how an item he mentioned in this strip eventually made it to the game, but sadly, he says, he didn't choose it as a quest reward on his own toon because there was something better. lol.

But yeah, loads of fun. OOOH! I met Vork & Zaboo from The Guild .. ok that's all. ;-)

Found the Blizzard area. On the left, behind the desk, are Blizzard GMS from my understanding. I didn't get a chance to chat with them, though I should've. There seem to have been a dozen or so computers dedicated to WoW, Starcraft, and Diablo each. BTW, the loading screen stills says Blizzcon.

The boy in front of me making himself a Worgen toon

And the boy kitty corner to me playing with his Goblin lock

My Worgen Mage transforming into a Worgen

Fully Worgen. Ok, when I first played him I thought he was all bad ass. But looking at this pic now, he looks like the Big Bad Wolf disguised as Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother. LOL

Meet Gobgob! They don't have fancy robes. Just underwear still

The scene right after you make your goblin. They use the goblin jumper cables on you.

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